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  1. I've been having difficulty finding anywhere that sells trousers here in Germany using the Waist x Inside Leg measurement system. Lots of British and American sites will have two dropdowns in their pages, one where you select waist size and one where you select inside leg. You can be 28" waist and 36" inside leg if you want, or at the opposite end you might have 50" waist and 28" inside leg. All shapes and sizes catered for. With German sites (and in stores) as the waist size increases, so does the leg length. So someone with a 50" waist will have 42" inside legs (giant person rather than fat person). Similarly a person with a 28" waist would be expected to have a 28" inside leg. You can't be long and thin or short and fat in this country it seems. In the pre-brexit era, I'd always order online from Britain but that's less appealing now due to lack of free trade; more expensive delivery, customs, duties, having to make a click-and-collect appointment at the customs place - it's really not a financially viable option now.   Does anyone have any links to good websites that sell regular men's trousers and jogging bottoms (not jeans) using Waist x Inside Leg?