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  1. Landlady not replying to termination

    Hi,   My flat mate is leaving for his home country and he sent a notice of termination by email to the owner of the flat. She didn't reply for quite sometime so we both at different times tried to contact heron phone and left whatsapp messages. We were getting worried that if she's all right or not and was almost at the verge of contacting the cops to check on her, she replied on whatsapp. She asked my flat mate on what will be the last date and said okay she will send the confirmation shortly.   It's almost 10 days now and she again stop replying to email/whatsapp/calls. What are our options now? It's been a month after he sent the first notice via email. Also, I should mention that she signed the combined contract with both of us. My assumption is that I don't have to give her a separate notice, am I right?   What can we do now? I'm specially worried because I'm staying in Germany and will have to look for a new flat/room. I'm not going to stay in the same apartment as it's quite big and expensive for just me. What if she doesn't reply at all knowing that she already has my kaution? Or I'm just worrying too much about it?   P.S. I should also mention that the land lady is generally very nice and always responded to our queries/concerns promptly. I just don't know what happened. Recent whatsapp message isn't even delivered to her.   Thanks.