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  1. woken up by neighbors alarm

    Hello everyone,   I have a neighbor who sets their alarm to 7am and sometimes 6am, which is way earlier than my usual waking time. The problem is that the alarm is so loud that it blows right through my earplugs, so there is no way of avoiding/blocking it. I tried to talk to the neighbor, but they would never answer the door.    According to the previous tenant, there is an old lady living upstairs (I've never seen her personally though), so I assume she's hard of hearing, and that's why her alarm is so loud. Another indicator of that is her loud TV that is often on until 1am. My question is what legal/administrative options I have. I've seen advice on this forum to send the landlord a letter demanding rent reduction. But I don't think this would help in my case as my landlord doesn't own my neighbor's apartment. Beyond that I was thinking of dropping a letter into her mailbox, but I was wondering what exactly I should write for it to have maximal effect. I suppose there must be some administrative body that deals with complaints of this nature. It would be great to know what organization it is, and how to best indicate to my neighbor that if she doesn't stop with the alarm nonsense, I will take matters there. In case different places have different rules, I would like to add that I live in Munich. Thanks a lot in advance.