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  1. We are currently renovating part of our flat. We are doing the work ourselves and as obviously we have other commitments in life we are doing this gradually in stage over several months. We predict that we will finish by the end of the year.  The neighbours however (above us) have complained that it is making too much noise and for too long, particularly late in the day and on Saturdays.  As far as we were aware, noise from DIY and renovation is allowed 7 am til 8 pm Monday to Saturday and not on Sundays or public holidays. Is this correct?    First of all we never carry out these works on Sundays or public holidays.  Secondly we are keeping well within the specified times, i.e. we carry out work from 9.30 until 12 and from 1:30 til 7 pm at the latest.  Nonetheless we still receive complaints from these (our only) neighbours. And they bang on the floor anytime after 5.30 pm, earlier still if it is Saturday.  Thirdly. the noise is unavoidable as we are obviously renovating and they were aware that at some point we would be doing is after we bought the flat, which in essence is our right.  What, if anything are we doing wrong?!  How can we drill, hammer, cut, install and hoover silently?!  It has got to the point where my partner (who doesn't speak much German) no longer answers the door to them as once the husband came down shouting bashed his fists on the glass door so hard that it came loose from the frame. We have since replaced the door with one that doesn't have glass, but it is quite frightening what they think they can get away with just because they are much older than us and have been here longer.