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  1. Neighbours musicians

    Hi guys and girls. The story is like this. I just moved to a new apartment and figured out that my neighbours are students of music academy. They study piano. Both of them They play the whole day, even on weekends. I've tried to talk with them, I was polite and everything, but they were like "This is your problem". I am a software engineer and work from home, so I need it to be quiet. And even if I wasn't, I still think that I have a right for peace in the apartment that I pay for. The agency, that I rent an apartment from, didn't tell me anything about the noise, although I've asked them about it I have a contract for minimum 1 year of rent, so I can't cancel it. Also, I think it will be hard to find somebody to subrent this place with such neighbours. I was wandering what is the law for musicians in Berlin. I couldn't get it from previous topics in this forum and they are pretty old. Maybe there are some updates for it? Or maybe I can cancel the rent somehow? Somebody have any advice? I don't know German, so I can't go to Tenant Association. I thought about going to lawyer, but how expensive it can be in Berlin?
  2. Noise levels

    Hi we live in a rural village not far from the coast and surrounded by farms. We bought our house with empty land next door apart from a derelict house. This has been turned into a sort of farm vehicle park for the village. Farmers drive up about 5 am, take the tractors and return any time between midnight and 2 am. There is car banging, the noise of the vehicles and shouting as the farmers meet up. I'm exhausted, I need some sleep is there anything we can do about it or must I put up with it as part of village life. Right now I feel like throwing myself under one of those blinking tractors. I can't sleep in the day as it carries on all day, sundays and bank holidays!
  3. Loud sounds during night in Munich North

    Hello everyone,   I have moved recently to the Northern Munich area (Hasenbergl area) and I have been hearing really loud noises that sound like explosions frequently during the night.  I know there is the "Bundespolizeifliegerstaffel Süd" not far away, but not sure if that's the source of the sound. Anyone here knows where do these sounds come from maybe?