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  1. Hi everyone,   I moved into a new apartment July last year, and it turns out (I didn't know this at the time of the visit) that its walls are crap, and everything can be heard through the walls. Above me, there's a family living with a young child, who keeps running around, and they make noise - I have complained to my landlord a few times and he said he talked to them and hopes that it gets better, but the fact is that the house itself is crap and so even the everyday noises come through. This way, I can't even sleep in on weekends, as the child will get up at 6 on a Saturday or Sunday and they'll start making noise, play piano, etc., and I can't get my rest, especially if I go to bed late.    What can be done in this case, if anything? I'll eventually move out, just wondering what my options are right now.   Thanks!