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  1. Hi,   Just curious since I was not able to find any information online either in forums or German news.   For the last two-three years or so, there has been a very large amount of flight traffic over central Munich (e.g. clearly very audible and observable across at least Schwabing and Unterföhring areas, since they fly across the English gardens from north towards south).   The flights are non-commercial and with very low altitudes (aroun 500-600 meters), and they appear to be mostly rescue helicopters as well as some other "amateur-like" small planes. The helicopters are especially noisy (exactly because of the very low altitudes..), and they don't seem to be associated with any specific events (they seem to be making rounds around Munich and Oberpfaffenhn airport.. so it looks like some kind of "routine"). So this has absolutely nothing to do with the Munich international airport.   Especially on days with good weather (and obviously around summer months), we are having around 15-25 flights over our heads on an almost daily basis, and the associated noise that goes with it.   It seems rather strange that there is no mention of this anywhere, especially since it clearly impacts very expensive (and otherwise extremely quiet!) Munich neighbourhoods. Quite honestly having 15 flights over our heads even once would be alarming (I'd think there's a forrest burning somewhere..) let alone this happening on a routine basis and noone even blinking an eye about it. It feels like we're living inside an airport runway.   Anyone knows anything about it, or any ideas how to find more information on why this has been happening?