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  1. Google Pay launched in Germany at the beginning of July, with 3 banks: N26 Commerzbank Comdirect & a ridiculous service called Boon with some ridiculous fees  Additionally it is supposed to be available soon with: LBBW / BW-Bank Revolut (a British Fintech start-up with some very modern products)   At the end of July the Sparkassen launched their own mobile payment solution on the Google Play Store:  The reviews are not really encouraging and in any event, I don't expect people that still bank with a  Sparkasse, to care about paying with their phone, but I will be happy to be proven wrong.   Apple Pay is expected to launch soon. I am curious to see if they will have at least one major bank more than Google at launch.      So... who has already used any of the above services?  Impressions? I have been paying with my phone everywhere since the product launched, and I am very happy. I even leave the house without my wallet sometimes. I only carry one banknote of 10 or 20 euros, plus my phone!