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  1. A lil on me- 36 year old married, IT software architect on infra side (Azure, SQL, Airwatch) in Bangalore, India.   Posting in Berlin/Munich as that's where most IT jobs are! Read a few posts like & Reddit subs, before deciding to post here.   Applied to 88 jobs on,,,, and berlinstartsup only to be met with failure. Recruiters dont give u a specific reason apart from saying the profile is impressive with a polite note. I understand its the pandemic & things take time, but will residence permit/blue card be a thing after the covid-19 alleviates?   German language skills are ok, but rapidly improving day-by day (read: Course at Goethe & listening to much of Rammstein) Has anyone from the sub-continent or non-EU lucked out after 2020 in getting a software role with sponsorship at deutschland?   Mit Freundlich grüßen,