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  1. Random Tips for Netflix US vs DE

    As a recent move, I made sure to have a VPN ready to go to continue enjoying Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO while overseas. I recommend TorGuard btw. But one thing about Netflix  (unlike other sites which just plain block you based on the geography of your IP), netflix shows you different stuff and doesn't just block you. That means you can get BOTH all the content from the US licensing (i.e. what's available there) and the German licensing but only pay for one account all buy switching your VPN on and off. There's a TON of additional american stuff on the German netflix. 
  2. how to make a good password

    Hi guys, for about a year now every few weeks I get a notification from netflix saying my account has been hacked. In response to this I change my password to get the hacker out of my account. No matter what I set my password to however the hacker seems to be able to get back in. I know that the passwords I am setting arent the problem I have followed every guideline on . Does anyone know how this hacker seems to always be able to get into my account? Or is it even always the same hacker? Has this happened to anyone else? All helpful responses would be greatly appreciated. I am getting very frustrated with the situation.