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  1. So, before starting my post, I'll clarify that I've already tried to talk to this person and solve things rationally. I'm not trying to annoy her for no reason at all -- being annoying is my last resort.   So, I live in a rented room in a classic German house (you know the type -- narrow, several floors, pointed roof). My landlady owns the whole building and she lives downstairs, but because most of the other rooms are vacant she frequently occupies them too. So, this means I have no other "private" space than the room itself.   At first, the relationship wasn't too bad. I did notice she was a bit weird and brusk when addressing me sometimes, but attributed it to her being old and, well, German. But things have started going downhill.   Regarding myself, I will say I'm not a perfect Mieter. My room is a bit of a mess sometimes, I grab cleaning products from the building shed and forget to put them back for a day or two, etc. But, really, that's all there is. I don't smoke, I don't bring people, I'm out of the house most of the time, I never listen to music from speakers and I don't even switch the TV on. The only time we've had an incident was when I came back home around 11 PM and walked a bit heavier than usual, and 2 minutes later her husband was banging my door.   However, I noticed that she started "relaxing", so to say, and treating me with less politeness. She still, to a big extent, thinks that she can control 24/7 the state in which I leave the room. The times in which she's been in the flat, she's told me to leave windows closed at all times, the bathroom door open at all times, and one time she came in while I wasn't there (I gave her permission to come in), she closed a window that I'd left open even though it wasn't raining or anything. Then, the cherry on top was playing very loud music in the middle of the night, thus waking me up, not answering when I banged at her door multiple times, not apologizing when I sent her a message and only when, the following morning, I sent her another message telling her to please not repeat it answering alogn the lines of "oh, so sorry, next time please just knock on the door if it's too loud". *eyeroll*   I have a Mieterschutzbund membership and am willing to call the police if she plays loud music again, but other than that my German is not that great yet and it's been really hard to confront her. Really, pettiness is all I have to no go mad right now. Do you have any ideas on how to annoy her, legally of course? So far, all she's gotten is a subscription for a religious cult pamphlet, but I'd love any suggestions.