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  1. Nebenkosten report, when is it due?

    Hi all, time ago I rembember I've read a post of someone talking about his landlord that did't want to provide him with the nebenkosten report. Unfortunatelly I am not able to find it and so I am opening a new thread, sorry for this. Basically my question is: when is normally provided the report of the nebenkosten? I've asked my landlady last month, and she said that it would have been ready last month. This month I've sent her already two whatsapp messages asking her to provide me with it before paying the rent of december, so I could adjust it, but she didn't reply at all (but she has read the messages). Now, I have the impression that she has to give me money back and she is not replying for this reason, hoping that I could forget. So I was wondering if I can do anything or if I have to go to a mietverein (I would avoid if possible). Suggestions? Many thanks.
  2. A friend of mine lives in a community of seven flats. There are both owners and renters living in this community. There is currently an issue where two owners (who is renting out) don’t pay their share of the “Nebenkosten” to the Property Management, though that they get their monthly rent from their renters aka they put the money in their own pocket.   The 5 other owners has now been asked to cover the missing incoming expenses from the two owners who don’t pay their share, while the Property Management is running a dispute with lawyer against the two Property owners.   What can a Property owner do concerning above issue besides waiting for the dispute output and paying extra expenses each month to cover the missing payments?