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  1. Hi members,   I need some help in calculating the nebenkosten for my previous tenants. I have received the nebenkostenabrechnung from hausverwaltung which has so many points that I am all confused. Initially I thought that nebenkosten only contains the electricity + water + heating but looking at the abrechnung, there are literally 100+ things for which as an owner I have paid to hausverwaltung.   As I am a new owner and do not have any idea about these things. Are there any English speaking lawyers who are specialized in these things ? Thanks
  2. Nebenkosten - What garden costs?

    Hopefully this is in the right sub-forum, if not feel free to relocate it.   Before anyone gives the obvious advice or reply of "Mietverein" I know and will be consulting them, but this an advance question which some of you may know the answer to: As I've posted over the last year I've found an almost perfect apartment in an idyllic location and I'm so happy with it, but sadly the one thing I'm not currently so happy with is the landlady. She's getting awkward and snotty about any little thing and in some cases I believe she's doing things quite incorrectly, maybe even illegally. This is a small complex of 3 apartments in two buildings, I have the ground floor in one building with a young couple above me in the second apartment. There's a small house built onto the back of me which has two young couples, one upstairs, one downstairs. These couple are related, but that's irrelevant here.   Firstly, we have two driveways, one used by me and the couple upstairs, then a second for the house behind.   It now transpires the landlady is sending people (locals because she lives on the other side of Munich, I'm north of Landshut) into our gardens to photograph the areas, find faults then send her the photos and she immediately e-mails any of us to say "sort it immediately". This has recently included moaning about a few weeds growing in the driveways when she or someone else sneaked into the gardens, photographed and even measured them. BTW we're talking just a few at 13cm high, so she says. She's also had someone go into the private back garden and complain about things to the families behind. I don't think this can be done without advance warning / request?   Now she's saying the garden fence needs re-painting (wood coloured protection paint) as does the balcony above and that we all have to share this cost in the nebenkosten. This is my main question as I thought maintenace like this was at her expense, not ours?   There are a few other problems but minor ones which are just bloody stupid. Regards, Malty.