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  1. Motion Sickness Medications

    Air travel makes my wife very, very ill.  In the past, she has used Dramamine to get through flights.  It helps, but it leaves her a mess for a few days. Before we left the USA for Germany, her doctor gave her a prescription for Scopolamine Patches (  It was very expensive, but completely worth it.  Using the patch, for the first time in her life, she got through a flight (well, the 3 flights it took to get to Germany!) without getting sick, and was functional the days after.  The patch lasts 3 days, and has changed her travel life.    We're taking a flight to India in a few weeks, and she only has 1 patch left.  Does anyone know if this is available in Germany?  Are there any scopalomine-based anti-nausea medications available here?  She hasn't spoken to her doctor yet, so I thought I'd try here first.   Thanks for any info,   katzekuchen