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Year of birth

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  1. Dear all  Was wondering if you have a view on  - does it help at the BAMF for Naturalization to secure a recco letter from arbeitgeber? Does it have any impact? - if yes, what could / should be included in the letter. Appreciate your guidance. Cheers! K
  2. A little pre-text: I was born in "City A", but my parents registered me in "City B" because that was their permanent residence at that time. Now my birth certificate can only be issue from local body of "City B". When I was a baby they moved back to "City A" and due to some reasons all my other documents (school certificate, national ID card, passport) has the place of birth as "City A". So basically, - My birth is registered in "City B" - All other documents has place of birth as "City A"   My problem: I see that in Germany "place of birth" has some kind of significance. I need to apply for "Einbürgerung" (Citizenship by naturalization), can this become a hurdle in that?
  3. Hi. So I have been looking into getting a German passport, and have hit a wall with arranging an appointmente for the einbürgerung. The authorities refuse to engage with you unless you have an appointment, which you are supposed to arrange on the website. Except that all the slots are constantly marked as filled, I have been trying for weeks. Some people said I need to try at 7 ot 7:30 in the morning and be quick, but it doesn't make any difference. This is the page I am using   Has anyone been successful in arranging an appointment, and do you have any tips? Thanks in advance    
  4. Einbürgerung in 7 years

    Hi - I have completed 7 years in Germany and have been in employment since beginning of my stay. I had also done German language B1 exam, Leben in Deutschland and Einbürgerungstest. I recently visited KVR Einbürgerungsstelle for naturalization application.   The beamter said that I am not eligible for naturalization in 7 years as I have not done "Integration Kurs" although I have passed equivalent exams. I have done the exams only but have not participated in course as I have full time employment. I asked BAMF to issue me integration course certificate based on my exams certificates but they are also unable to do so as I have not participated in the integration classroom courses.   My point was even if I choose to do integration course classes for which I have completed the exams, it would be unfair for somebody who genuinely needs to do the classroom courses(as places are always limited). But this has not made any buzz either for BAMF or the beamter in KVR.   Any idea what else could be done?   Thanks