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  1. Singer Who like to sing Jamming !!

    Hey i am interested to create jam songs or cover songs from interesting rock songs. Am open for any kind of music. 1) … 2) 3) … You can contact me here or Do send me some of you recording too. Greetings
  2. I freakin' love cover songs

    I love covers. Specially those that turn out to be better than the original version. I understand that *better* is subjective, but nevertheless, let me share with you one example.   Dolly Parton (1973) Jolene   The White Stripes (2001) Jolene   Do you also have an example that you would like to share?
  3. CELEBRATING 30 YEARS/30 JAHRE IRISH FOLK CLUB MUNICH   THE IRISH FOLK CLUB MUNICH Ars Musica im Stemmerhof Monday, 23 April 2018 @ 20:00Hrs Irish/Bayrisch/British mit TIM EDEY (accordeon master), JOHANNES SIFT (accordeon master) ROLAND FRITSCH (The Ballad of Mass Murderer Harman) SIMONE LAUTENSCHLAGER (The Upper Palatine's Lovely Daughter) & Friendship  FRANK McLYNN (fiddle) ALISON MOFFAT (accordeon) RAINER COX (guitar)   and ....additional participants will be announced later. More information to follow - but you can start booking now   Over the years, a distinguished array of first class-artists have graced our stage as guests, and we fondly look back on nights with musicians like Tim Edey, Frankie Gavin, Andy Irvine, Sean Keane, Dick Gaughan, Kieran Halpin, Jackie Daly, Tony MacMahon, Seamus Begley, Eileen Ivers, Chris O'Neill (R.I.P.), Micho Russell (R.I.P.), Susan McKeown, Gilles Le Bigot, Tony Macmahon, Mick Hanly, Chris Wood & Andy Cutting, Gino Lupari, John Campbell (R.I.P.) & Len Graham, Alan Doherty, Alison Moffat, Blackie O'Connell, Paul Wyett, Sean Tyrell, TonyMcManus, Seamus Begley, Matt Cranitch, Kevin Crawford, Fintan Vallely, Sally Barker, Benny McCarthy, Greensleeves, Pete Morton, Paul Daly, Gerry (fiddle) O'Connor, Damien Mullane, Alan Burke, Brian Flynn, Paddy Keenan, Gerry (banjo)O'Connor, Frank McLynn, Kathryn Tickell & Jez Lowe. Bands such as Blowzabella, Chanting House, Four Men and A Dog, Vishtèn, The Late Night Band, The Rambling Boys of Pleasure, Altan, The Carrivick Sisters, Cardboard Fox, Show of Hands, Faustus, Clype, and DeDanann alternated with nights of storytelling from Len Graham and John Campbell while keepers of the tradition Liam Weldon and Micho Russell shared the club stage with writers, playwrights and actors Desmond Egan, Terry McDonagh and Ulick O’Connor and Chris O’Neill. This is only short very incomplete list of the artists/bands who have been our guests. Today, the Irish Folk Club exclusively invites selected traditional guests at our Monday night gatherings at Irish Folk Club Munich im Stemmerhof Why not drop by and enjoy the party. You won’t regret it. ....and TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS....         30 JAHRE IRISH FOLK CLUB  mit  TIM EDEY (Akkordeon Meister) JOHANNES SIFT (Akkordeon Meister) FRANK McLYNN (Geige) RAINER COX (Gitarre) ALISON MOFFAT (Akkordeon & Gesang) ROLAND FRITSCH (Die Ballade von Massenmörder Harman) SIMONE LAUTENSCHLAGER (The Upper Palatine’s Lovely Daughter) u.m. Montag, 23 April 2018 um 20 Uhr Echt? Schon 30?! Jawohl! Wir feiern an diesem Abend 30 Jahre Blut, Schweiß, Tränen – und Musik! Mit dabei sind Meister aus unterschiedlichen Musikrichtungen – der wunderbare Multiinstrumentalist TIM EDEY (Akkordeon, Gitarre…), der vielseitige bayr. Harmonikavirtuose JOHANNES SIFT, ROLAND FRITSCH (Die Ballade von Massenmörder Harman) – plus die Hauskapelle, GREENSLEEVES, höchstpersönlich sowie Freunde und Überraschungsgäste, u.a. the (Upper) Palatine’s Lovely Daughter, SIMONE LAUTENSCHLAGER. Einmalig und unvergesslich! Bitte weitersagen…..danke IRISH FOLK CLUB MUNICH
  4. Easter Music Camp

    Dear parents,   We are excited to offer a great opportunity for young musicians this Easter. Myself (Violin/Cello teacher), Lola Arriola (Guitar teacher) and Emma Byrne (music/piano/voice teacher) will be running ‘International Music Camp, Munich’ from April 2th – 6th 2018. If your child is between 6 – 11 years old, enjoys music and/or has some instrumental/vocal experience, we would love to invite them to join our camp.     We have a busy and interesting timetable planned for our first 2018 camp. The students will gain experience in music theory, playing together in ensembles, improvisation, singing and dancing, performance skills, composition and more. There will also be plenty of time to have fun in the park and hopefully we can organise a music based trip.   The lunch is included, and refrigerators will be available for your children to store their snack.   If you are interested in enrolling your child, please email     There are only 15 spaces available and places are allocated on a first come first served basis.  We look forward to hearing from you!   The main language will be English but myself and Lola have a high level of German also so we also welcome German speaking kids!   Thank you and kind regards   IMC Team Isabelle, Lola and Emma
  5. Happy music

    What's that ridiculous song that can lift you out of the blues?   Can also be serious and deep but I assume the vibe round here is more of a cheese fest?   Here's a couple of songs that keep popping up in my recommendations:   JASMINE:   REQUIEM FOR A FISH:
  6. Jam Session

    HI all, I live in Hafenlohr and I'm looking for people to play with and perform. I play Banjo, Guitar, Bass and Drums. I have a car so I can drive 30 - 40 min. in every direction. If anyone interested please send me a message.
  7. Hello! My name is Lena Mehta, I'm an American, German, Indian 17-year-old singer/songwriter and am currently offering ukulele lessons to children aged 6-14! I can teach in both English and German. I have been teaching ukulele to children since I was 14 under the guidance of my mother, who is a professional singing teacher herself. A beginner ukulele student will learn basic chords, a variety of songs, strumming, basic fingerpicking, basic music theory, how to read tablature, and songwriting. The lessons are taught in a fun, creative way, where the student's own musical taste and curiosity will help shape the lesson! If you're interested, please contact me under 01522 8090589 Thank you!
  8. If you've got nothing to do this Thursday, 1 February and are looking for a friendly place to listen to some freestyle music or have a wiggle if you feel like it, then pop in to Zum Böhmischen Dorf.  As well as Konx-om-Pax you'll hear the best dj playing some cool tunes (my son). For more info.