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  1. Hello,   I am a bassist (electric not stand up) and wondering if anyone might be interested in putting together an ensemble with a view to doing some jamming, perhaps a couple of gigs? I have in mind to mainly do originals but perhaps a few interesting covers?   I was thinking drums and keyboard/synth for definite and then perhaps guitar, sax and trumpet?    References for sound could be Vells Trio, Donny McCaslin, GoGo Penguin and similar new jazz stuff plus classic 60s/70s/80s fusion: Herbie Hancock, Roy Ayers, Fred Wesley, Isaac Hayes. Could also open out to soundtrack and library music in the Lalo Schifrin, Jack Arel, Francis Lai vain.   If you would be interested please reply here or drop me a line on 0176 75153787.   Cheers!   Jez    
  2. Looking for some partners to start playing music together. Anything that could be fun, from blues and rock'n roll, to heavy metal, power metal, symphonic metal, or folk with different influences. I have some experience playing the guitar, flutes and mundharmonika. Let's have fun and see where this can go!   Some ideas:         
  3. Looking for some partners to start playing music together, in Munich. Anything that could be fun, from blues and rock'n roll, to heavy metal, power metal, symphonic metal, or folk with different influences. I have some experience playing the guitar, flutes and mundharmonika. Let's have fun and see where this can go!   Some ideas:       
  4. Tune into Alex Radio Berlin 91,0 on Friday nights at 10pm for the 2spacechaserz show, featuring cutting-edge alternative electronic music & satire in English. Our international pair, German Anita Ace and Expat Yank Zed Mizar bring you the best in experimental sounds & free-speech audio art from the lunar colony. Kick back, spark one up, space out & enjoy.
  5. Piano Rental:   Hi! Is anyone interested in using a piano for only €20-€30 a month? It's a new Kawai upright piano with a silent system. By sharing the piano, I was hoping to reduce my monthly cost for renting the piano myself, which is why it's that cheap.   Piano Location: Ruthlingstrasse 1, 80636 München. The piano is in my flat, it's in a central location. It is close to the city center, Rotkreuzplatz is the nearest U-Bahn (500m) and Albrechtstrasse Bus stop (150m), LMU is just 4km from here.   You can come by check out the piano and location! The timings are up to you. I practice early in the morning, so anytime everyday during the month you can drop by and practice! Please feel free to PM/comment for any sort of enquires! Kind Regards, Sai
  6. Hello all, I am currently searching for members to join my band. I am a 10th grader and am doing this as my 'Personal Project' (school requirement). However, I would be happy to create a long-lasting band to jam with. Meetups would generally be close to Lohof or Untershleißheim, although Munich center could also be a possibility. In the best case scenario we will perform a gig sometime near March 2017- although this is subject to change. The music we will be playing will be Rock and alt Rock, such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Oasis, and more. I play the electric guitar, and will willfully do backing vocals. I'm on the lookout for a drummer, bassist (or secondary guitar?), and lead vocalist. I would recommend this to intermediate players, but I wouldn't worry too much about skill level, as we can always simplify/complicate the pieves and individual roles.    Thank you for your attention, Ryan
  7. Hello all!   I'm choir director at a church in Friedrichshain and I'm organizing an English-language carol service this year. It's for expats but also for Germans (and people of other nationalities) who want to discover English-language Christmas carols.   It'll be a fairly standard "Service of Nine Lessons and Carols" with carols and hymns sung by the congregation - and hopefully with a choir as well, which is why I'm looking for experienced choristers, preferably English native speakers, who'd like to join us.   So choristers - here's a little choir project for you, with a performance on December 14th and several rehearsals before that (dates not fixed yet). Get in touch if you're interested!
  8. We invite children, ages 0 to 6 y/o, and their parents or guardians to come and sing with us in English and German! These sessions will be run jointly by an English native speaker and a German native speaker. Our 45 minute classes involve singing songs in both English and German, using simple instruments, moving and dancing. In addition to making music and playing games, we will also sing traditional folk and children's songs from both cultures, some of which you may want to take home and sing as a family. We will explore two different cultures in a music and artistic context. We will focus on making music and discovering commonalities in a low-stress, cheerful environment. The children will hear the sounds and rhythms of both the German and the English language. All families are welcome (whatever your background), and we look forward to meeting you. Class Information: When: Mondays: 16:15 - 17:00 or 17.05 - 17.50 Cost: 10 euros/family for trial class 80 euros/child for 8 sessions. Siblings pay half the price. Place: Familienzentrum Menschenkinder Fürstenwalder Str. 25, 10243 Berlin Please contact us on if you would like to take part.
  9. We are seeking an English native speaker for jointly run bilingual English/German music classes. These classes are run as a team of two teachers, and my English colleage is going on maternity leave, starting in November 2018 and ending some time in 2019 (spring or later). Our classes are aimed at 0-6 year olds, together with their parents. They are for families from different backgrounds (English speaking, German speaking and others. . .) and the idea is that children can hear the sounds of the two languages in a stress-free and enjoyable atmosphere. Every session is run bilingually (following OPOL -- one person, one language) and we aim to make them interactive and without achievement pressure. Classes take place on Monday afternoons in Familienzentrum Menschenskinder in Friedrichshain. The exact dates are negotiable to some degree; but we need a person who can be reliable once dates have been fixed with the parents and the family centre. German fluency is not necessary, but intermediate level skills would be preferable. If you are a singer, musician, music teacher, music therapist or simply somebody who enjoys singing and working with children, and if you could imagine stepping in for a few months, then we would love to hear from you. If you have children, then you are welcome to bring them too – so this job might be ideal for a parent!   For more information, just drop us an email:
  10. Our current conductor is moving on with his studies, so our position is open!  Our amateur orchestra was founded here on Toytown in 2008 and became an e.V. in 2011.  Our musical variety is huge, and our socializing is legendary!  We perform two big concerts per year and sometimes smaller ad-hoc performances, also allowing for joint pieces with our organization's choir and Big Band.  The position is paid, competitive with other amateur orchestras in town.  Our organization is run entirely in English as we are from more than 20 countries, and our Board and member committees do much of the organization of rehearsal rooms, performances, and recruitment that in many orchestras are up to the conductor to take care of.   More details are available at our official job announcement:   We are also looking for a new Singers conductor, also for January 2019.   Both positions will involve some repertoire selection in November or December 2018.              
  11. Singer Who like to sing Jamming !!

    Hey i am interested to create jam songs or cover songs from interesting rock songs. Am open for any kind of music. 1) … 2) 3) … You can contact me here or Do send me some of you recording too. Greetings
  12. I freakin' love cover songs

    I love covers. Specially those that turn out to be better than the original version. I understand that *better* is subjective, but nevertheless, let me share with you one example.   Dolly Parton (1973) Jolene   The White Stripes (2001) Jolene   Do you also have an example that you would like to share?