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  1. Every Wednesday evening at an Indian restaurant in Munich. Location varies each week.   Curry night is not just about having good food but also about having great time and lots of fun. The cultural diversity of people who are regularly part of this event is as colorful as the curry itself with all its different flavors and spices.   We particularly encourage newbies to join us and they are heartily welcome. It is one of the best events to ease yourself into TT where you can make instant friends over drinks and fine food in a pressure-free, casual atmosphere.   Come join us cuz when you are here, you are family.   Click the "Follow this" button top right to receive updates via email.     Every Sunday night at midnight all replies to this post are automatically moved to the discussion archive.
  2. Hi everyone!   I've been living in Munich (Laim) for a couple months now, and I'm looking for more suggestions for places I can go with my dog, especially on Sundays. I have an Isar card for rings 1-8.   Parks are obvious, but I'm looking for specific suggestions like "the botanical garden outside Nymphenburg Palace" where there's something interesting to see and you can bring the dog, too.  (By the way, I went there, and that was great on a nice sunny day!)   Special bonus if you suggest interesting *indoor* places (libraries/museums/gyms?) where they allow dogs, since the weather is often rainy. I love reading/learning/nerdy things.    Note: I'm trying to avoid restaurants because I have been eating out too much! Cafes might be ok, if it's chill enough and I don't have to order much to sit there and read.  
  3. Looking for a kitten

    Hello all,   I have been in Munich for 1.5 years now and am searching for a kitten.  We've done a lot of preparation and have been searching for a little one for the last couple months.  I work from home so have the time and attention to give.   As much as I would love to adopt an adult cat from the Tierheim, my partner is less experienced with cats and would like to get a kitten (up to 12/13 weeks old).  We are looking to get just your typical mixed-breed kitten (e.g. from a farm) rather than from a breeder.  We will spay/neuter at 6 months so certainly no plans for more!   If anyone has any tips or knows anyone with kittens that would be great!   Warm regards, T
  4. Dear Friends of Comedy Club Munich,   Welcome to the biggest English/German Stand-up Comedy Show in Das Schloss. We will have this show with international guests on 2 dates. The first show will be on Friday 20.October.2017 and the second show will be on Friday 10.November.2017. In the biggest English/German speaking show in  Germany in 2017 there will be lots of entertainment and lots of laughter. The show contains a lot of variety with many comics on stage. The following comics will be on stage to make you laugh:   ·         Alex Profant - Nightlife Comedy - München   ·         Lois Bromfield from Canada   ·         Mark ´n` Simon MusiComedy in German and English (Dschinglisch)   ·         Bake this, English Improv Theatre in Munich   ·         Matt Devereux, Wahlmünchner from Canada   ·         Andreas Beckenbach, ein Sachse in München   ·         Mel Kelly, ein Münchner aus Irland   ·         Joana Mendes from Portugal   ·         Samuel Ozioma from Nigeria   ·         Gudrun Wahnschaffe aus Berlin   ·         Alex Tom von München   Times: 18:30 Uhr Doors open   20:00 Uhr Showtime   Free Seating!  Food and drinks are available to purchase before the show. In the break, there will only be drinks available. Be punctual and eat, drink and be merry. Tickets:   Location:   Das Schloss, Schwere-Reiter-Straße 15, 80637 München Easily accessible in North Schwabing with public tranpsort.   We look forward to entertaining you.   Your Comedy Club Munich   Brigitte
  5. veggie world 07.10.2017

    Hello all,  Now that Munich's Fifth Season is ending, Veggie World surfaces this weekend. And for those who live in the neighborhood (and for those of us who do not), here's a list of MVG-sponsored  events :
  6. Some weeks ago while parking the car, after backing up and stopping, a lady come to my window and told me that my car touched hers. Neither I or my girlfriend felt it, but I didn't assume she's lying and believed her. Came out of the care and we inspected her front bumper together. I didn't see anything, she kept looking and simply told me that she "feels" that the bumper has moved. We both took pictures of the bumper and the surroundings, she took my number and told me that she'd let me know once she takes the car to her car dealer. 1 hour later she sent me the photos she took, mentioning how the sensors have be "moved". Meanwhile I showed the pictures to as many people as I could, and no one could detect anything... Fast forward to today, she texted me "I'm in the workshop, handyman says replacing the sensors will be 300, and replacing the entire front bumper will be 1500. He can only decide about it once working on it. Please send me your insurance number." Am I getting screwed over here? Is there a way I can have a say in this? Have a "handyman" of my choosing to look at this?
  7. Hi Guys! Our Meet up event is coming again! This time we will hold the event indoor near Sendlinger Tor, 13th September, WEDNESDAY just because the weather is better! 😆 We may go to a Bier Haus or an Irish Bar, depends on number of attendance:) Please click "Yes I am Going" if you want to come! And feel free to bring your friends with you:) We will make a reservation if needed Can't wait to see you😃😃😃 For more detail please go to our fb event:D
  8. Hi all,   I'm selling my hotel reservation for the dates of 22.09 to 25.09 at a major discount. I will no longer be attending Oktoberfest and I'm looking to make at least some of my money back. I was told by the hotel that a transfer is the only option I have.  I've already had success selling my table reservation through this forum so I'm hoping I will have luck with the hotel as well.   The reservation, for two adults, is for three nights in the four star Leonardo Hotel Olympiapark. The room is a "Superior Room", so it comes with an extra sleeper sofa. Theoretically, more than two people can comfortably sleep in the room.   I purchased the room in March for 609€ and the same room is now being sold for 902€.    I am selling the reservation for 400€... very good deal for three nights at a four star hotel in Munich during Oktoberfest.   PM if interested  
  9. German Language Course for University

    Are there any university approved intensive german languages courses in munich which are affordable and would be able to get me from around b2 (i believe this is the level i would be at after finishing a-levels) to c1-c2. i wish to study Law.
  10. Customer Success Director role with international software company in our EMEA HQ located in central Munich. Must have strong account management experience with SaaS products. Fluent English essential, other European languages are an advantage. Should you have further questions please contact me directly via  
  11. Hello,   I am sure that this is a topic which was already discussed before, but I cannot find exact answers for my question, Please excuse me for that !   I am writing this on behalf of my wife.   She has a residence permit valid for 3 years and the Landratsamt told us that she has a work permit and even can work as a freelancer or start a business with the same residence permit. She plan to start freelancing as a PHP developer as she was into those kind of work before and she expects her client will pay her approx 1800EUR per month. Currently she is covered under TK family insurance. So my questions are;   Does she need some other paper from some other office to start freelancing or she can directly start ? Approx what will be the compulsary amount(taxes, insurance) she has to pay ? Thanks in advance.
  12. I'm a certified Pilates instructor and I offer private sessions at your home. Stability ball and magic circle will be used.    I charge 35 Euro per hour (if you purchase 10 classes upfront=300 Euro).    Able to issue an invoice. Central/East Munich only.    Spots available: mornings on Monday, Wednesday and Thursdays.    If anyone is interested please email to   Warm Regards,    Renata    
  13. Very simple, selling my reservation for my Oktoberfest table at the cost I paid for it. I just ask you pay in USD at the conversion rate I purchased the table at. Wednesday September 20th noon to 4pm . 20 beers 10 half chicken vouchers Ochsenbraterei, location: Mittelschiff, 480 euro / $550 USD. Please contact me at for more info.     
  14. Entry-level / junior sales role with international software company in our EMEA HQ located in central Munich.  Must have strong communication skills in English (focus will be on UK market), any additional European language(s) beneficial.   For full details, please visit   Should you have further questions please contact me directly via
  15. My girlfriend and I will be visiting Munich for 6 days September 13th thru 18th. We're spending 3 days exploring the city and nearby hikes, breweries, castles, etc. Then the next 3 days we will be celebrating Oktoberfest. Our friends are staying in a hotel near the fest grounds, so any partying will be brought back there rather than your apartment or studio, and we promise to be respectful of your property, neighbors, and any other rules or requests.   I'd love to find somewhere within walking distance to the fest if possible. Please let me know if you can accommodate us. Danke!
  16. Our tennis team is searching for good players to join our team. The ability of the team ranges from excellent to fairly good on a good day (that's me, the worst player on the team). We play on an official 30+ team, and our ages range from early 30s to 50s. Please send me a pm if you're interested or know somebody else who may be.      
  17. Full furnished 1 room apartment in Munich Sendling 81371 For long term rental from July end Possibility for Garage rental + bikes Has internet, keller, South facing Balcony   For more details and visit- contact: Katrin on    
  18. We have an beautiful Apartment in Waldperlach (Struwelpeterstrasse) on rent, actually it got a new Floor (parquet) and is painted. The Apartment is in a very good area, good Connection to Highway, s-Bahn, U-Bahn, bus, etc. & very good for Sport and natural activities.   Cold rent: 1.024, including Utility costs: 1199 Euro. Inlcuding a kitchen.   If you Need more information, contact me!
  19. Hi,   I am renting my apartment at Berg am laim, Munich. It is a new construction(neubau). The handover date is 17th July. I can offer private viewing appointments from July 18th.  I am interested in only long term tenants. WG usage is accepted.   Apartment Details - Size - 87 qm - 2 big bedrooms - 2 washrooms with wc - large living room opening into balcony & kitchen - parking - Construction year - 2017 - Kitchen - Notle with Siemens/Bosch appliances (induction stove,fridge-freezer,exhaust,dishwasher,backoven) - 200 mts to S-bahn, Bus, Tram + 500 mts to U-bahn - Supermarkets - Rewe,AldI, DM (100 mts) - Sport centre within the complex   Price - Cold - 1630 / Warm - 1845   If you need more details or picture please send me a pm.   Thanks
  20. Do you need a dog walker?

    Hello, my name is Sarah and I've recently relocated to Munich with my fiancé who is working here. I am currently unemployed so am available most of the time, to walk and play with your pooch! I am very flexible and could take your dog for any time, be it an hour or a full day. I absolutely love dogs, and will treat yours like they were my own. My experience is mostly with small to medium-sized dogs.    I am very central, I live around Sendlinger Tor. But each month I have a four-ring monthly ticket, so I'm able to travel anywhere within these rings no problem.   I am English speaking, my German is quite limited so far.   Private message or drop me an email anytime if you are interested. 
  21. Dear all members   I have been searching forum posts to get relevant info regarding Resident Permit application for my spouse (Non-EU). She received family reunion Visa type D from German Embassy in Brussels and 1st step of 'Anmeldung' is also done last week. She got her complimentary TK health insurance card as well. Now my questions are: What other documents do we need to apply for her Resident permit? Does she need any German language proof ? (I am an EU - Belgian national)   Appreciate if you can point to the correct post or drop a quick note with answers   Cheers Dipyaman
  22. Domain Expertise: Digital Marketing, Demand Generation, Campaign Management, Marketing Automation (ideally Marketo) and Social Media Management at a Global Enterprise Software Company   For full details, please visit   Should you have further questions please contact me directly via
  23. Hi everybody.   I am currently looking for some people who like basketball and wanna combine evening activity with best sport ever   I am a 29 yo italian guy, i played basketball for few years long time ago and now i am tired of being out of the court.   I am not looking for phenomenons, i am just looking for people who wants to join me for some basketball game in the evenings after work.   I need to get fit and i think this is the best way to do it.   Every age, nationality and sex is welcome, of course!   Shoot me a message or comment below. Looking forward to organise some play together!     Federico
  24. Hi everyone,    long story short, I was offered a job in Munich, the salary is 70k + 4k bonus, I am married and have 4 young kids, 8, 6, 4, 2 years old. I can not decide whether I will be able to survive in Munich off that money, whether I will be able to rent a flat and so on. The company provides relocation service to find a flat (pays one time fee to a relocation company) but will not pay the rent.   I 've been to Munich for several days, I like the city, but the whole thing feels like a gambling to me because in my city I have a decent job the only issue that I have is 4 hour commute a day. Thank you for advice
  25. Hi Toytown Community,   Searching for a 2,5 room apartment in Munich for 1500 warm maximum. My boyfriend and I moved to Munich one year ago & both have unlimited contracts. Currently living in Schwabing, however very open to other areas. Both easy tennants, non-smoking, no pets or children.   Thanks, Hollie