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  1. Every Wednesday evening at an Indian restaurant in Munich. Location varies each week.   Curry night is not just about having good food but also about having great time and lots of fun. The cultural diversity of people who are regularly part of this event is as colorful as the curry itself with all its different flavors and spices.   We particularly encourage newbies to join us and they are heartily welcome. It is one of the best events to ease yourself into TT where you can make instant friends over drinks and fine food in a pressure-free, casual atmosphere.   Come join us cuz when you are here, you are family.   Click the "Follow this" button top right to receive updates via email.     Every Sunday night at midnight all replies to this post are automatically moved to the discussion archive.
  2. Hi Lovely people, I am here with a complicated situation. I had been living in Potsdam since 2018 (in Germany since 2013). I tried to get an appointment to discuss einbürgerung in 2020 in Potsdam and got one in December 2021(due to corona and all the situations). But my job contract was finished then. The lady on my appointment gave me a list of documents to submit to start einbürgerung process. By this time I got a job in Munich starting in March 2022. I was living more or less in a hotel in Munich in March and April 2022. I submitted an application for einbürgerung in Potsdam on 3rd May 2022. The salary slips and job contract from the software company I work for were included in the application. By this time I had also found a WG in Munich from 1st May, but not mentioned in the application. I did not do the city registration in Munich yet as partly, to be honest, I was afraid. I thought that an anmeldung in Munich would make this einbürgerung process more complicated/longer or I might make a second wohnsitz type anmeldung in Munich. Again, I don't have much knowledge about second anmeldung. A few days ago, I received an acknowledgment of my application from Potsdam mentioning that any change in my life should be informed during the process of einbürgerung. I still have the wg and anmeldung in Potsdam and can somehow keep it for some more months if it makes the process easier. Still, I am also confused if I should make a second anmeldung in Munich. Or should I start the lengthy process from Munich? How?   Any suggestions concerning my present situation and next course of action would be more than appreciated. Waiting for your replies. My current nationality is Bangladeshi.     Thanks in advance, Raju      
  3. Hello all!   The Toytown squash league has been running for years, but we are always looking for new, enthusiastic players! There are approximately 15-20 players from many different countries and there is a range of playing experience.    Here are a few details:   there are no set game/meeting times. Each month, there are normally three leagues (sometimes 4), from 1 (experienced players) to 3 (beginner players), and each player is a member of one league. each player then contacts the other players in his/her league to arrange games.  the games are played at Park Club Nymphenburg, Racket-Park Haar, Soccerworld München, SPORTS4you, and others (whatever is convenient for you and your partner). depending on the number of games you play, and how many you win, you can move up to the next highest league at the end of the month. it's free! (well, you have to pay for the court).   We are a friendly group and we would be happy to meet you and play some squash with you!   If you are interested, send me an email or call or send a WhatsApp! 0176 2283 6154   Rory  
  4. I just finished my studies in Deggendorf, a small city, and now I have my certificate and a job offer in Munich. the job offer meets all the requirements for a Blue card and I have submitted all the documents for my blue card. The problem I have now is that I have to wait 4-8 weeks before I can get an appointment at the Munich KVR. While I wait, I was told I can ask for a fiktions bescheidigung so that I can start working, but when I went to the Munich KVR I was told that I cannot get a fiktions bescheidigung because I still have a valid residence permit for study, and I am legally allowed to work for 120 days with my current student visa. I told my company but my company said I cannot start working with my student visa.
  5. The metal Ikea Svaerta high bed is in good condition and nonsmoking household. Offered free to someone who will disassemble and pick up.  Please bring own tools. Thank youa