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  1. Every Wednesday evening at an Indian restaurant in Munich. Location varies each week.   Curry night is not just about having good food but also about having great time and lots of fun. The cultural diversity of people who are regularly part of this event is as colorful as the curry itself with all its different flavors and spices.   We particularly encourage newbies to join us and they are heartily welcome. It is one of the best events to ease yourself into TT where you can make instant friends over drinks and fine food in a pressure-free, casual atmosphere.   Come join us cuz when you are here, you are family.   Click the "Follow this" button top right to receive updates via email.     Every Sunday night at midnight all replies to this post are automatically moved to the discussion archive.
  2. Me and my wife will need to travel almost everyday between Munich and Augsburg, so I would like to ask which is the best and cheapest regular ticket we need to get to travel between Munich and Augsburg and how much it would cost?
  3. Dears,   I'm looking for a longterm flat rent for a couple as soon as possible anywhere in Munich or nearby around. I'm also flexible regarding size, or number of rooms. I'm working as an Apple Software Engineer, and I have a permanent contract here in Munich.   Please, if you have any offers let me know.   Regards,
  4. For our Munich Office tyntec is a telecom-web convergence company that connects the convenience of mobile telecom with the power of the Internet. Partnering with mobile network operators around the world, tyntec enables enterprises and Internet brands to power their applications, authentication, and mission-critical communications with mobile services such as SMS, voice, and phone numbers. Founded in 2002, tyntec is an innovative leader in the market and employs over 150 people from 40 nations throughout our offices in Germany, US, Singapore and the UK. Here at tyntec we hold our employees responsible for their success and provide the freedom and support for them to grow. We celebrate rule breakers who develop new ideas that move the company forward. Our doors open to motivated, self-starters who think outside the box and strive to achieve the best quality of work. Join us! We are looking for a Routing Manager with a sharp mind and strong analytical skills to enhance our team’s overall ability and reach success together. Main Responsibilities: Maintain and improve network connections from numerous partners to destinations across the world Managing routes with different cost, quality and supported features Find the most appropriate routing to match specific customer needs (price, coverage, quality and supported features) Monitor traffic daily to improve quality and maximize revenue (margin optimization) Act as the middle man for various Technical, Sales and Business development departments Strategic planning and execution of routing setup per country Optimize tools and processes The ideal candidate should have the following profile: Two to three years of experience in the telecommunications industry Experience in a routing or roaming department preferred Familiar with the messaging industry and protocols Analytical, well organised and down to details approach Strong team player with excellent interpersonal and communications skills Broad knowledge of MS Office applications, especially Excel Fluent written and spoken English Positive attitude with a growth mind-set What tyntec can offer you: An international team with colleagues from more than 40 nations and English as the company language Fast-paced, friendly workplace, where each and every contribution counts Flat hierarchies, open communication channels and flexible work environment Internal and external development opportunities to further oneself both personally and professionally tyntec is an equal opportunities employer. We believe passionately that employing a diverse workforce is central to our success. We make recruiting decisions based on your experience and skills. We value your passion to discover, invent, simplify and build. Start of Employment: As soon as possible   Company website If you are interested in working in an environment where ownership, pragmatism, teamwork and open-mindedness are amongst our core values, we welcome you to explore the opportunities at tyntec. Please send your CV and cover letter to Please include: “Routing Manager” in the title of your email.    
  5. Hi Toytown community,   I have an event company here that is looking for someone to work during the ISPO convention from Sunday-Wednesday daily from 9am until 8pm (with a 2 hour break in the middle). English is totally fine and a little German would be great but not necessary. We are just looking for somone friendly willing to interact with customers with a smile on their face. If you are good with people and are interested in a few days work, please get in touch with me asap. Please send along a blurb about yourself, a picture and CV. I would like to hold interviews Friday the 3rd.    kind regards,   Matthew   DO NOT PM or reply to this post, please email me at: matthew (at)
  6. Hello,   I am moving out of my apartment, but I am looking for someone to take it over because I want to move out in April, not in May. Normally my contract ends in May, but if I can find someone to take it over, then the apartment becomes available in April already.   The location is a 2-zimmer Wohnung located in Am Blütenanger 83, 80995 München. The following pictures are available if you wish to see:       The current contract, which will be extended on the new tennants name has the following details:   Nettomiete:  840,- Euro TG:      70,- Euro Nebenkosten: 120,- Euro Heizkosten:   60,- Euro WARMMIETE:    1090,- Euro   If you wish to visit, please leave a reply or send me a message.  
  7. Is Airbnb legal in Munich?

    Hi guys,  Tried searching but could only find info about Berlin, I'm wondering if it's legal to rent out my place in Munich for Oktoberfest? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi,   Our son is grown up, so we have some stuff to sell. I can deliver in person near Forstenried or Berg am Laim. I can deliver in person anywhere in Munich if the total value for the items justify it. Otherwise, pickup in Forstenried.   I would prefer to sell things in packages, specifically the stroller items, in light red (#1. #2, #3) and the cradle items, in light blue (#5, #6, #7, #8, #9). Cradle is already disassembled and packaged.   Please PM me if interested. I usually don't haggle, unless a convincing argument is made.   Pictures (for almost all items):  
  9. Hi, Does anyone know some places (restaurants/cafes/shops) where I can find english speaking staff/waitress? I am looking for a job and I know there are some places like this where you don't need strong German.   Thanks for help! Marcelina
  10. Dear All,   I now find myself in a silly situation where I have all my ski gear, plenty of holidays to take off work, some money and car to get to ski resorts although now, I don't have a licence until my German licence is processed. Also, I don't have anyone to ski with so while this last point isn't essential at all, the company would be nice. Here is my proposition: As long as you are not a serial killer, axe murder, etc, and are reasonably easy to get along with, you will get free transport to ski resorts in Tyrol from Munich using my car to get there providing you drive, of course. I am thinking of  not more than 1 to 2 hour driving time from Obermezing, Munich (where I live). This includes most of the areas in Tyrol which as you probably know, is some of the best skiing in Europe. I'm not necessarily looking for a ski partner or friend (although who knows) but someone to share a coffee or lunch with between slope runs would be a nice bonus.  We would of course need to get along at least for the duration of the trip which I can't see being an issue with most people.  I have done a gazillion road trips and only got into a few scuffles here and there. I don't care whether you are male or female or anything else for that matter apart from what is mentioned above.     Regarding ski level: The last time I skied, I was considered an intermediate (according to my friends) although it has been three years since so I guess i would now be more of a beginner. I really won't know until I hit some green slopes to try it out for a few hours and remember how everything works. My learning curve is pretty sharp so I don't care what level you are as at one point or another, I will either leave you behind or catch up to you. Of course, skiing together is only a bonus and I am primarily using this time to get back my skiing skills so I am also very happy to ski on my own.   Regarding the transport: It is a lovely little Seat Ibiza Mk4 hatchback with auto climate control, CD player, power steering, powered mirrors, etc. I love this little car to bits although it is just that, little, and if you're a very big person, you could have an issue driving it for two hours. Also, I can possibly take two people but it would be a squeeze as I have to fold one of the rear seats down to put my skis in (and yours if you have them). it's reliable and fully insured (with road side assistance) for anyone that drives it providing they have a valid drivers licence. This of course doesn't include me at the moment!    Regarding me: I'm mostly easy going (this depends though!, I have limits!), I'm a native English speaker and travelled most of my life so I've met 1000s of strangers along the way. I don't get along with everyone but most people warm up to me after a short chat.    If you are interested, send me a message and let's take it from there. 
  11. Hello, My name is Leonid. I just moved to Munich to work as a software engineer. This an open end contract and i plan to stay for at least three years. The company i work in is big and very respected. I am going to live alone, not have no pets, I do not smoke and generally I am very clean and quite person .   I am looking for a long term rent. Probably, one room apartment or a studio.  Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thank you very much
  12. Hi guys. I'm not sure whether this topic was already discussed recently, sorry if it was. I plan to visit beautiful Munich for the first time in my life and want to enjoy places which you can recommend. Especially I'm interested in 31 of December, what is the best and not so much crowded place to watch fireworks? I've heard that Englischer Garten is a nice place for that, what do you think?  An of course, what a day without a party Could you, please, suggest good clubs to spend NY? I found some information about Tollwood, but as I understood it is an open air place and can be cold, therefore I'm not sure whether it is a good place. Many many thanks, looking forward to your replies.
  13. Hi all,   Where in the world do I take something to get monogrammed? I have a hankerchief that Id like done... Preferably a trusted place...   thank you!
  14. Hello we are a new married couple and we are moving from Greece to Munich. I (the husband) got a new job as Software Engineer and we are relocating there. The first three months of the job contract are trial period and after that it gets permanent, so the house would be better on a three months contact. We are interested in: - Furnished apartment, - starting from 30 sqm, - not far away from the city center. - Non smokers, no pets. - 1200 euro (warm rent), or 1000 cold rent. - Need to have this as our primary address to register in Burgerburo etc. so no subletting without landlord consent. We are: - Very friendly and very open - Very correct will the bills.   Documents, such as our Ids, contract details, my employer etc are available upon request. Please do not hesitate to contact us.   Thank you in advance. Email:  
  15. Hello Everybody! The apartment is located between Ostbahnhof and Rosenheimerplatz. Quiet area and building, very nice and comfy. The kitchen is equipped with dishwasher, washing machine, microwave and many other appliances. A small Keller is available for the room and the building has a washing and drying machine. Since I am going away to my hometown, my room remains available for renting from the 20th December. €500 (all inclusive) €800 deposit To see the room please TEXT 017675774602. Room available ONLY for girls. (German medium level is required)
  16. Hello Everybody! Since I am going away to my hometown for a couple of months, my room remains available for renting from the 20th Dec until the 28th of February (ending date rental flexible)  To see the room please send a text to 017675774602 Room available ONLY for girls.   €500 rent (all inclusive) €800 deposit   Location: Rosenheimer Strasse 123  
  17. Evenin' ladies and gents. New to this site, newish to Munich (2 months in to a 10-month sojourn), so this is the first of a series of posts regarding questions I have about the city. For the sake of testing the waters, I'm starting with an easy/petty one:   Where can I purchase the Munich city flag?   Now, I know that something called the internet exists, and that this is probably the easiest way to acquire the Munich city flag. But since I'm living in the Studentenstadt, mail deliveries to my apartment have a 50% chance (or more) of never arriving (for whatever reason...), and in any case I'd rather get the flag in person. Of course, if there really aren't any other options, to the internet I shall go.   I've found one other post about flag stores, from 2004 or something, but the main store suggested in that thread doesn't seem to exist anymore. In my own treks through Munich, which have been fairly extensive, I've seen plenty of stores and vendors selling Bavarian flags (which I already have) and German flags (which I already have). None with the Munich flag for sale, though. Which is a bummer, as I'm a great fan of the flag, whether in double-bar or checkered form.   Any suggestions as to where to look for said flag in/around the city?
  18. Hi all, I have 2 tickets for the sold-out Sportfreunde Stiller concert on Sunday, December 18th, in Munich's Kongresshalle. Looking for €75 for the pair (face value €76.20). Tickets must be picked up in the Donnersbergerbrücke area. Send a PM or email:
  19. I live 3 months on and 3 months off in Munich and have an unusual renting offer. I'd like to offer a room on a shared basis for 3 months and then the whole apartment (with a few closed rooms) for 3 months and then back to sharing etc with the equivalent rent difference. Free on a sharing basis from Dec 6th Its a large (114m2) apartment in the Glockenbachviertal with a fully furnished room and all the usual facilities (internet, washing machine, dishwasher, large bathroom with bath). Close to the city and Isar but in a quiet street. If interested and able to adapt to such a setup, send an email to: and I'll provide all details. Single working person only. No smokers. No pets.
  20. Hi Friends.  Need some advice on University courses taught solely in English. Specifically Post Graduate studies in PR/Communications, or even certificates.   I hold a BA and am looking to broaden my horizons.   I can of course do a course via correspondence with several universities back home, however, socially it would be more pleasant to attend a local University (and more cost effective). Have lurked around on some of the Uni's web sites and I haven't had much luck.  Would appreciate your insights.  Thanks a bunch Ioanna. 
  21. Tutors / Counsellors wanted for English holiday camps in Munich and Bavaria at the Easter holidays and the summer holidays.   For more information please contact us:    
  22. Hello, I am the current Nanny for a family in Starnberg and am looking for a suitable replacement. I am moving with my boyfriend, so I am leaving a wonderful terms with my family. The family consist of four children, ages 15, 13, 8 and 6; 3 girls and 1 boy. The older two don't need much looking after, normally just rides to and from dance if the weather is bad. The younger two get picked up from school, driven to and from activities and playdates. Aside from this there are the doctors and dentist appointments, cooking an evening meal (hello Fresh 3 days a week), grocery shopping, laundry and overall maintaining the household. It sounds like a lot but I have a good schedule. You have access to a car and may borrow it pending authorization. The family home is located on Lake Starnberg, 25-35 min SBahn into Munich. The lake is a short 5 min walk down the hill.   If offered the job you can choose to stay in the apartment attached to the house for a very reasonable rent OR you can continue to live in Munich or where you live now. The family would like a native English speaker, single or married, at least 25 years old and responsible, valid drivers license.   An Ideal start date would be February 1, 2017 at the earliest.   If you are interested please let me know and we can talk more. Thank you    
  23. Modern Apartment with Balcony. Located 5 minute walk from U-Bahn Josephplatz. Perfect short term rental, 3 Months. Suitable one single person or a couple.   Rent: 990 Including bills   Very well connected to all forms of transport. 5 minute walk from U bahn & Tram Situated in a beautiful part of Munich. Busy part of the city with shops close by.   Modern Kitchen + Bathroom with balcony   Please email me for pictures.
  24. Thanksgiving Dinner, right here in Munich, with Global H2O!Please register at: again, the Global H2O community in Germany is coming together in Munich to celebrate the traditional American Thanksgiving holiday -- and raise enough money to build a well in Africa. Every year our fundraising dinner raises enough money to provide clean drinking water for about 2,000 villagers in Africa! Our sponsor, Tantris Restaurant, is Germany’s premiere gourmet restaurant and its Michelin star chef, Hans Haas, knows a thing or two about American recipes. For Thanksgiving, he is planning an exquisite meal that combines the best of classical Thanksgiving home cooking with his selection of the finest succulent turkey and trimmings. Justin Leone, Tantris' American sommelier, is pairing a selection of fine red and white wines from Tantris’ own vineyards to bring out the best in this family-style meal.  This year we are looking forward to our musical guest, the 7-voice a cappella group Bar Nineteen, who will perform for us throughout the evening, from Glühwein to dessert. So bring your family and friends, co-workers and neighbors to our Global H2O Thanksgiving Dinner November 24th for an unforgettable evening of holiday socialising and fine dining. Help Global H2O fulfil our mission of making the world a little better… one well at a time. Check out our YouTube Teaser Here:    
  25. Urgent! Due to relocation at short notice to France, I am looking for someone who could be interested in renting our current apartment: 33 m² apartment with balcony, cellar and "DuplexGarage" available from December on, in Au-Haidhausen. Price: ~ 600€ warm. Next to Ostbanhof and Rosenheimerplatz. If you are interested or know someone who might have interest, please send me an e-mail: Thanks!