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  1. Every Wednesday evening at an Indian restaurant in Munich. Location varies each week.   Curry night is not just about having good food but also about having great time and lots of fun. The cultural diversity of people who are regularly part of this event is as colorful as the curry itself with all its different flavors and spices.   We particularly encourage newbies to join us and they are heartily welcome. It is one of the best events to ease yourself into TT where you can make instant friends over drinks and fine food in a pressure-free, casual atmosphere.   Come join us cuz when you are here, you are family.   Click the "Follow this" button top right to receive updates via email.     Every Sunday night at midnight all replies to this post are automatically moved to the discussion archive.
  2. Hello everyone, I am going to keep this short, I have not had any success with finding a cat here in Germany that is not over 300 euro. I recently bought a Persian cat and loved him but for the week I had him he absolutely refused to eat and drink and i had to return him to his original owner. I am not an inexperienced pet owner, but it was just to much stress for the cat.  I am hoping someone has any leads on a younger cat that is within my price range or has been properly socialized? Thank you. For any responses. 
  3. [SUCHE] [Nachmieter]   Greetings, I'm looking for 2.5-3 (>60 sq.m) room apartment in Munich for my family (spouse and 2 kids, 1 and 4 years old respectively). I'm Senior Network Engineer moving to Munich on 18th of March.   - No pets - Non smokers - We are looking for long term. - Permanent contract. - In 10-15 km radius from Kistlerhofstraße, 81379. - Budget  > 1400 euro. ===================== Since, I do not have a temporary accommodation, I'm looking for 1 room to rent (for myself only) for one/two months. Any help is very much appreciated.   Kind regards, Dan            
  4. **** reposted as I wanted to change the text and add photos!!*****   Hi   My partner & I are relocating back to the UK, and the lease for our apartment is therefore available to be taken over. The property will be available from the 15th March 2019 onwards.   The apartment is on the first floor of a new complex in Berg am Laim, which was built in 2017, and has the following features:   87m3, first floor in new complex 5 minutes walk to the S-Bahn station Balcony with floor to ceiling doors/windows Fitted kitchen including oven, hob, fridge freezer and dishwasher Parking for one car 2 bedrooms 2 bathrooms Utility room Storage in the cellar Unfurnished   It is really easy to travel around. You can be in Marienplatz in 12 minutes, Schwabing in 18 minutes, and the Airport in 37 minutes using the public transport.   The landlord is maintaining the same rental costs per month. The total cost per month is €1.921, which is split €1,630 rent, €80 parking, and €211 nebenkosten. The deposit is €4,890.   Area is very nice - there is an Aldi, Rewe City and DM in close walking distance (2 mins walk), plenty of Car2go and Drivenow's in the area, and within a 10 minute walk is a Netto, Lidl, plus various eating places. There are two tram stops close by too.   We will be prepared to sell the lights fitted to the apartment, hanging racks and washing machine for €250.   If you are interested in knowing more, please DM me and let me know:   What your job is & who working for Whether your job is temporary or permanent Salary How long you are looking to rent for When you can move   The landlord will not rent to students or flatshares.   I will send photos and floor plan etc if interested.   Cheers AW    
  5. Dear Community, I'm negotiating a job offer which will include, on top of other things like bonus etc., the relocation from Hamburg to Munich. I will move together with my family, even though they will join me after schools will stop for the Summer break. I've no idea about how much I should assume as reasonable allowance for the move considering that we just moved on a new flat (always within the city) on last Summer filling in a container of about 32 m3 (about 110 m2 flat apartment).   I was thinking to ask for a temp accommodation (3 months maybe?), till the time we find an apartment (and consequently but most importantly the school), plus the relocation of our furniture. Since a company with a global footprint I would rather prefer to have them to take care of everything, than being reimbursed later on (I've read of people getting reimbursed the whole amount as gross and consequently being taxed), but if this won't be possible how much I should reasonably ask?   I would very much appreciate your advice.   All the best
  6. Gymnasium

    Hi guys. On summer I am moving to Munich. My question is what are the best "Gymnasiums" in Munich. I am straight A student, I have interest in computer science(fluent in C, Python ...) and physics. Please answer if you can help me.   Kind regards, Mihael Beljo
  7. Hello dear community,    My name is Tom - I'm excited to be starting a new position in Munich (relocating from London) in around the April/May period and am in need of a basic yet modern apartment that's well connected to Public Transport.   I'm 25 years old with no pets and I don't smoke. I'd be moving in alone. I'm an avid lover of the great outdoors; running, skiing and cycling are especially fun for me, hence my enthusiasm to come to Bavaria!    I'll be employed in the Berg am Laim area, so anywhere to the West of the City, on lines S5 or S6 would be ideal. The Western end of the U2/7 would also be perfect. However, I'm willing to consider anywhere, within 30 minutes by public transport, to the area I'll be working.    Aiming to keep the price to < 1000 EURO Cold Rent. Preferably looking for something short term (6 months), however open to look at longer contracts.    Please let me know if you have something suitable!    Cheers,    Tom 
  8. Does anyone know of a fair charging translating firm in Munich? I need to have my birth certificate translated. Thank you
  9. Hello,  I lost my IPhone in the taxi last night. I just took a cab from Central Station, not the online booking. How can I get my phone back?  I don't even have the back up of my phone. Please help.   Best
  10. anybody going away from 2nd or 3rd of January want to sublet their apartment for 1 or 2 weeks?
  11. Hi, I'm Mélanie, I'm a French student studying in a French Business School. I am coming to Munich in January for a 6-months internship next to Wettersteinplatz.  Therefore, I'm looking for an apartment, preferably furnished (at least the kitchen as well as a wash machine) in the center on Munich (2nd ring max).     I am 21 years old and do not smoke, I am also very serious and quiet and never hosts any parties, so there should not be any problem with neighbors. I currently live alone in an apartment I rent, so I am used to having my own place and abiding by the rules.  I like reading a lot and watching films or TV Shows, I love doing makeup as well ! I am curious and excited to live on my own in a foreign country. I'd de delighted to live in a WG with people from other nationalities ! I also like cooking a lot. I currently live with a cat that I would love to bring with me to Munich so it would be even better if I could find a place where I could take my cat but I also understand it if pets are not allowed.    I will be paid during my internship and my parents will help with the rent as well as they already help me with my current rent.  I can also you provide you the paperworks showing I pay my current monthly rent if necessary.    You can contact me through mail or skype as well!    With my best regards, Staying at your disposal for any further questions Mélanie
  12. Hallo! We are the young married couple without children.  We are looking for a 1 or 2 room flat in Munich for a long period (preferably in Schwabing-Freimann) from November 2018 or later. My name is Pavel, I'm 28 years old. My area of expertise is robotics software engineering. This year I've finished my Ph.D. in Electronics and Communications. Recently I signed my contract with the employer in Munich and now preparing for relocation.  My wife's name is Olga, she is 28 too. She has two Master's: Journalism and Sociology.  We're a responsible intelligent couple interested in science, art, and self-development. We practice a healthy lifestyle and don't smoke.  We have a budgie and we hope it's not a problem because it's very small and absolutely harmless to flat and neighbors. We are ready to consider any offer, so feel free to contact us. Thanks!
  13. Looking for Versicherungsberater

    I am a UK citizen who will be moving to Munich in mid-March 2019 (i.e. just before Brexit). I do not know yet whether I will be employed in a contract job or self-employed.  In either case, it's my understanding from various Toytown threads that in order to get into public health insurance, because I am over 55, I need to prove I have been living in the UK for 12 months and 1 day.  By next March I will have been living in the UK for 15 months, so the only question is, what proof I need to provide of this.  I would like to hire a versicherungsberater to help me through the process.  I will be visiting Munich next month, on Dec 20th and 21st, and would like to meet this person to discuss my situation, especially to find out what documents I need to bring with me when I arrive in March.  Is there a versicherungsberater in Munich, please, who would be willing to take my case on, and could meet me on December 20 or 21?     Additional information:  I had been living in the USA prior to December 2017, when I moved back to the UK.  By March of 2019 I will have been here in the UK for 15 months, safely over the required time of 12 months and 1 day.  However, the proofs I have do not all go back that far.  I registered with a GP in the UK as soon as I arrived, in December 2017, and have a letter stating that.  I also have bank statements from December 2017.  However, my other proofs of residency (rental contract, utility bills, employment contract, national insurance contributions) did not start until March, because I did not find a flat and a job immediately upon arriving in the UK.  (I stayed with family members during the first couple of months).  It seems to me that it's risky to assume that the date on the GP letter should be the start point for the 12 months and 1 day.  I have a rental contract for a flat and utility bills dated from March 5, 2018, so I'm working on the assumption that, to be safe, I shouldn't try to move to Germany until mid-March.  But I don't know if there are other bureaucratic obstacles that I have no way to predict, which is why I need professional assistance.     Please could you contact me if you are a versicherungsberater in Munich who would be willing to work with me, and could meet me on the 20th or 21st of December.     Thank you very much.  
  14. Our next British in Bavaria get-together is on Monday, 26 November, at the Altmünchner Gesellenhaus, Kolpingstrasse 1 (MVV: Stachus), 18:00/18:30 onwards. There should be plenty to talk about. Come along for a chat and update on where we are by then! For info: the Altmünchner is sadly closing down at the end of the year…   Contact: Working with British in Germany (
  15. Hello everyone, We are Vasyl and Katja and we are from the Ukraine. We are looking for a 3-room apartment in Munich (Milbertshofen, Schwabing-West, Maxvorstadt, Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt). Perfect would be: → 3-rooms flat → monthly rent up to 1600 Euro (warm) → not furnished (if furnished deposit up to 1500 Euro) → moving date at the beginning of December. About us: I have been in Munich since October 2017 and worked until October 2018 as a Project Manager (Project and Development Services in Real Estate). Currently I am working as a site manager for a large project in Munich. Katja is a lawyer and she comes to Munich for her further education in law. For this reason, we want to move in a new and larger apartment. We have been together for 5 years, travel very often in different countries, mountains, places, do different kinds of sports. Our main rules in the house are cleanliness and order. If you have suggestions for us or if you know someone who can help us, we would be very glad to hear from you. We thank you in advance, Vasyl and Katja
  16. Hi,   I will be shifting to Munich starting Jnauary 2019. I want to have some information on if people had experience with maklers? Any good maklers that you guys may suggest to me ?   THanks  
  17. Today!!! 😊   We are having a session in Munich and would love for you and some friend to join us- Please see the detail below   We're look for people who are passionate about the great outdoors to participate in a Muck Boot focus group. The session will involve; product testing, Q&A, and free drinks and nibbles.   To show how much we love hearing your opinion, we'll give you a free pair Muck Boots! If you're interested in being part of our next focus group and are available on the date below please get in touch with Marcia on  or confirm with this message.   Please include your name, best contact details and favourite outdoor activity. Please see the details below   Date: Tuesday 30th Oct 2018 Location: Kilians Pub Frauenplatz 11, 80331 München, Germany Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm       Check out our website   Best wishes   Marcia A
  18. Today!!! 😊 We are having a session in Munich and would love for you and some friend to join us- Please see the detail below We're look for people who are passionate about the great outdoors to participate in a Muck Boot focus group. The session will involve; product testing, Q&A, and free drinks and nibbles. To show how much we love hearing your opinion, we'll give you a free pair Muck Boots! If you're interested in being part of our next focus group and are available on the date below please get in touch with Marcia on  or confirm with this message. Please include your name, best contact details and favourite outdoor activity. Please see the details below Date: Tuesday 30th Oct 2018 Location: Kilians Pub Frauenplatz 11, 80331 München, Germany Time: 6.30pm – 8.30pm   Check out our website Best wishes Marcia A
  19. Dear members,   I need your 2 cents about the above mentioned topic.   I am the hauptmieter and would like to sub-rent my apartment to the 3rd party as the apartment is too big for me and the rent is huge burden.   Concerning this, I sent an email to the owners but they refused to allow the sub-tenancy, pointing out that "wir in Ihrem Fall kein berechtiges Interesse erkennen können."   They have also mentioned that it can only be done in 2 ways:   1. If the registered partner has been separated and moved out of the apartment   2. The financial conditions   Now, I would like to know what are the financial conditions that can make a strong ground for the purpose of sub-rent ?   Is there any defined limit that a person need to earn monthly in order to show the financial crisis ?   For ex. If I earn 2000 euros netto per month and pay the rent around 1000 euros, is it the sufficient financial ground to ask the owners to allow the sub-tenancy ?   Your thoughts would be highly appreciated and if there are some other grounds for the sub-tenancy to 3rd parties then please let me know.   Thanks