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  1. Hi everyone, I have two job opportunities, one in Mannheim the other in Munich. For most people Munich would be the obvious choice, but it's complicated for me.   First of all, my situation: single no children, gay, early 30s, non-EU, on Blue Card, waiting for NE. Been working in Stuttgart area for a couple of years. Solid salary and benefits but no development, thus the need to change. I've been trying really hard to find something in Berlin or Hamburg, but either no offer or the salary is abysmal!   To many people's surprise, I actually do NOT like Munich that much. If not for the job, a move from Stuttgart to Munich would be completely meaningless for me. To further complicate the issue, the position in Mannheim is all round better than the one in Munich...   But in my circle of friends and colleagues (coming from around Germany and the world), Mannheim has a horrible reputation. A few Berliners and Münchners actually said: "If I can think of a city worse than Stuttgart, it's Mannheim." (I don't think S is that bad, but the snobs' advice can be useful when you choose where to live! Better safe than sorry!)   My last straw was the possibility of living in Heidelberg, which has raving reviews from everyone I know and I also liked, and commute to work. Then I checked but it takes half an hour by car and more than 50 minutes by public transport from the center of Heidelberg...   So my questions: Is Mannheim really that bad? Is it really just for old ppl or families? Is it really a super industrial city even worse than Stuttgart with nothing but jobs and all you can do there is work work work to death? How's the social life there for single ppl? Cultural facilities?   Oh, also, the people there should be nicer, right? I mean hey I survived Stuttgarter Schwaben, who else can't I deal with, right? Right?...
  2. Hello everyone,   Is there anyone who applied for the Blue Card and received it recently? I had the appointment on September 17th (not a renewal, applied for the first time) and I received the letter which includes PIN code last week. Does anyone knows how long it takes to receive the IDs after the receipt of PIN codes? 
  3. Hi everyone I really need some help. A man came to my apartment building and told me that the building is now switching over to the pyur internet provider due to the old VDSL connections not working anymore ( for tenants on the 4th and 5th floors). He was a representative of the company and was talking to multiple other tenants at the time. His explanation was as follows. The apartment glass fiber was built by their company and everyone is switching over with no change to the tariff. The company was paid through Nebenkosten already and all they need to do is activate the connection at a certain date and give us out new boxes (which are also already paid for by Nebenkosten). I tried to explain I wasn't interested and he and the other tenants explained that if I didn't switch and something went wrong I cannot get help to fix it. I'm really confused and unsure whether to say no because I'm happy with my connection or yes because I run the risk of losing all my connection. Is this a scam?   Please help I know this was long but I really need urgent advice   Hope your all doing well  Joe
  4. For any American or International university students who are currently in Germany, the Junior Year in Munich program could be an option for you next semester. The Junior Year in Munich provides students a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for personal growth, exploration and reflection – and all within a foreign environment which they first learn to negotiate successfully, and all experienced and expressed in a language not their own.    Applications for the 2021 Second Semester are currently open, and are due on December 1, 2020.   For more than 65 years, JYM has advanced study abroad as an integral part of US undergraduate education. More than 4,000 students from 514 US colleges and universities have studied abroad in Germany with JYM.    JYM students are enrolled in the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich and have access to the full university curriculum in any major, except law and medicine. Students create their own course schedule from among University Courses, JYM Courses (German Language and Area Studies electives), Undergraduate Research Projects and Internships. Applications for the 2021 Second Semester are currently open, and are due on December 1, 2020. Applications for the 2021-22 Academic Year or Fall semester programs will open in December. If you have any questions about the program, please visit our website at  
  5. Every Wednesday evening at an Indian restaurant in Munich. Location varies each week.   Curry night is not just about having good food but also about having great time and lots of fun. The cultural diversity of people who are regularly part of this event is as colorful as the curry itself with all its different flavors and spices.   We particularly encourage newbies to join us and they are heartily welcome. It is one of the best events to ease yourself into TT where you can make instant friends over drinks and fine food in a pressure-free, casual atmosphere.   Come join us cuz when you are here, you are family.   Click the "Follow this" button top right to receive updates via email.     Every Sunday night at midnight all replies to this post are automatically moved to the discussion archive.
  6. Gymnasium

    Hi guys. On summer I am moving to Munich. My question is what are the best "Gymnasiums" in Munich. I am straight A student, I have interest in computer science(fluent in C, Python ...) and physics. Please answer if you can help me.   Kind regards, Mihael Beljo
  7. Moving back to the USA and I am not taking my furniture with me.   following bookcases: 2 ikea kallax schwarz-braun 4x4 regal 4 ikea kallax schwarz-braun 4x2 regal 1 ikea kallax schwarz-braun 4x1 regal 2 ikea kallax schwarz-braun 2x2 regal   shoe cabinet: 4 ikea bissa schwarz-braun schuhschrank   Samsung sound bar   2 ikea besta tv bench   American king size Sealy pillow top mattress and king bed frame   Most items are on my kleinanzeigen page since I cannot upload fotos here:   DM to discuss pickup. All furniture is in good condition and prices are all reasonable.
  8. Hi.  Unbelievable it has been 3 years already and my assignment is coming to an end.  I have a few pieces of furniture, appliances (eg. washer/dryer), and electronics (eg. printer/TV) to sell as I will have no use for them back in North America.  Is there a local Munich website that is easy to use? I could go ebay but its kinda a pain (US account selling things in Germany, etc.)   Thanks for any feedback!