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  1. I have heard on more than one occasion that especially for young children, school in Bavaria usually ends in the early afternoon and it's parents' responsibility to take care of them for the rest of the day. This makes it difficult for working parents to have full time jobs. Is this true? Are parents working full time frowned upon? What options do those who want to work full time have? In your experience, is this usually a difficult issue to solve? And also, how does this (especially in Munich) compare to the situation in Berlin?
  2. I would like to ask what can I realistically expect when buying property in/around Munich. Consider the following scenario:   - Family of 4 looking for an apartment or (preferably) a house ~ 120m^2 or more - Living in a small village around Munich is fine as long as it's possible to commute to Munich by train. Commute possibly not on a daily basis depending on job. - Parents are foreigners and newcomers to Germany, both with PhDs in STEM fields   I used an online mortgage calculator and entered the following data: - Kaufpreis: 750.000 € - Eigenkapital: 150.000 € - Tilgungssatz: 2% - Wohnort: Augsburg   and the calculated monthly payment for mortgage is cca € 2000 - 2200 depending on further details such as the length of the period during which the interest rate remains fixed.   My question: - do the numbers seem to be even remotely correct (house prices around Munich as seen on ImmoScout24 for example, the actual monthly payment etc.) - would a German bank consider such a loan or would they be reluctant to lend this much money - what minimum net monthly income would be needed (for the entire family). My rough guess would be at least €5000. - I'd expect parents' salaries in the range €60000 - €90000 (gross/year/person)   I understand that there are many variables in the equation and giving a single answer is impossible. I'm just expecting a correction in case the numbers are completely off.   Also, let's assume that the question on whether it's at all reasonable to buy anything in the Munich area is for a separate discussion.   Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone, I have two job opportunities, one in Mannheim the other in Munich. For most people Munich would be the obvious choice, but it's complicated for me.   First of all, my situation: single no children, gay, early 30s, non-EU, on Blue Card, waiting for NE. Been working in Stuttgart area for a couple of years. Solid salary and benefits but no development, thus the need to change. I've been trying really hard to find something in Berlin or Hamburg, but either no offer or the salary is abysmal!   To many people's surprise, I actually do NOT like Munich that much. If not for the job, a move from Stuttgart to Munich would be completely meaningless for me. To further complicate the issue, the position in Mannheim is all round better than the one in Munich...   But in my circle of friends and colleagues (coming from around Germany and the world), Mannheim has a horrible reputation. A few Berliners and Münchners actually said: "If I can think of a city worse than Stuttgart, it's Mannheim." (I don't think S is that bad, but the snobs' advice can be useful when you choose where to live! Better safe than sorry!)   My last straw was the possibility of living in Heidelberg, which has raving reviews from everyone I know and I also liked, and commute to work. Then I checked but it takes half an hour by car and more than 50 minutes by public transport from the center of Heidelberg...   So my questions: Is Mannheim really that bad? Is it really just for old ppl or families? Is it really a super industrial city even worse than Stuttgart with nothing but jobs and all you can do there is work work work to death? How's the social life there for single ppl? Cultural facilities?   Oh, also, the people there should be nicer, right? I mean hey I survived Stuttgarter Schwaben, who else can't I deal with, right? Right?...
  4. Hi all,   We are planning to relocate from Sydney to Munich middle of 2021. I read previous posts regards to relocation packages BUT MOST OF THEM old dated (not recent picture of relocation topic)   Here is a short story of us. We are a family of 4 (kids age 7 and 12), my husband, senior developer/ software engineer speciality of Drupal system and Network security and knowledge of B2 level German. He is applying for senior-level roles in Munich (local or international IT companies) but we are not sure what is acceptable to negotiate with employer ( even tho sound bit crazy about our timing - corona and Australia is one safest country at the moment to stay away from EU BUT we need to because we want our kids to start secondary school (Year 7) in Europe  public system, not private school - btw  both kids speak zero German..) He just started having interviews and one of the employers only offering EUR 5K  and not negotiable (which I found Soooo low - lousy offer to consider esp. if you exporting talent from another side of the world you need to pay for it.. BUT then again I am not sure the latest situation Europe business market last 15 years (esp. newly joined EU members and many IT professionals from countries like East block+ India  with less hiring cost !!) My Q's are ;   > Do you know any company offers fair & strong relocation package to their employers?   > So far what I read I came up with these 3 points.. Do you think acceptable to discuss or Am I asking too much?   Relocation package between EUR10.000 - 12.000 (which will cover flight tickets+ and removalist cost bringing personal items via air freight and sea freight LCL)  +  arranging Minimin 6 weeks temp accommodation in Munich (furnished service apartment or AirBnB until finding permanent accommodation) + arranging relocation agent in Munich for us to handle all our requirements and help us out (registrations of government dept/converting driving licence+ finding permanent accommodation and all other Ad Hoc) My children and I don't speak German so I will be needing this service to settle in quickly   I would really appreciate to hear yours civilized advice and  valuable comments (some posts not so polite wording) Thanks
  5. Hello everyone,   Is there anyone who applied for the Blue Card and received it recently? I had the appointment on September 17th (not a renewal, applied for the first time) and I received the letter which includes PIN code last week. Does anyone knows how long it takes to receive the IDs after the receipt of PIN codes? 
  6. One of my customers is with-holding payment and being generally unreasonable.  Does any one know any English speaking lawyers who are affordable for small businesses?  
  7. *** SEEKING SUB-TENANT 1.1.2020 *** SEEKING solvent "Zwischenmieter" (sub-tenant) for a very nice penthouse studio in the Alt-Stadt City Centre from ca 1.1.2021 until the end of June 2021 (flexible). The apartment is on the 5th/top floor, no elevator; it's partially furnished and costs €1300 warm includes electric, water, high-speed wifi, Tv-license, some furniture & washing machine (plus €1300 deposit ) It includes a modern kitchen and a whirlpool / jacuzzi as well as a walk-in shower. It is located right between the Isar River and the English garden… very desired location! If you are interested, please send an email to (Subject line: Zwischenmieter) ... with income and a little about yourself. Photos here; please no smoking in flat. I can send a video per WhatsApp. Please include your E-Mail address & Telephone number when contacting me, thanks. Also, very nice neighbors.
  8. Hi everyone I really need some help. A man came to my apartment building and told me that the building is now switching over to the pyur internet provider due to the old VDSL connections not working anymore ( for tenants on the 4th and 5th floors). He was a representative of the company and was talking to multiple other tenants at the time. His explanation was as follows. The apartment glass fiber was built by their company and everyone is switching over with no change to the tariff. The company was paid through Nebenkosten already and all they need to do is activate the connection at a certain date and give us out new boxes (which are also already paid for by Nebenkosten). I tried to explain I wasn't interested and he and the other tenants explained that if I didn't switch and something went wrong I cannot get help to fix it. I'm really confused and unsure whether to say no because I'm happy with my connection or yes because I run the risk of losing all my connection. Is this a scam?   Please help I know this was long but I really need urgent advice   Hope your all doing well  Joe