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  1. We are moving to a new apartment and want to sign a contract with a local transport company, but they asked for an advance payment of 1000 € which is around 70% of the total amount. I was wondering if this is usual or how I can make sure that nothing goes wrong?
  2. Hi, I am in a situation where I need to move and NOT take my two kids with me. My ex and I live in a small town, where her parents and family are, and where this kids go to School. I have transferred ownership of our house to her and I rent a flat.  I am contractor and may need to move away for work, even back to the UK or the States. They are better off where they are, with the house, Schools, friends, family etc.. and as much as it would break my heart to have to leave, I am in a situation that work opportunities are very limited here and moving away may be further than somewhere where I could have them with me every weekend.    If she were to be left here to look after the kids, and I could only get back see them on School holidays, what are the legal implications of moving away? Can I be sued for abandonment or be forced to stay within a radius that means I am able to take my share of custody? We currently share custody. Currently I pay full child support to her (and more), and the kids currently stay with me nearly 50% of the time.    All I can find out about this is from situations where people are trying to move away and take the kids with them.   I assume she could go to the Jugendamt and lawyer to force me to stay in this area, or if I continue to pay full child support and maintain contact with the children, am I free to move away?   Many Thanks