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  1. I am moving to Hawaii at the end of January.  I'm having difficulty getting moving companies to give me a quote for shipment of my belonging (<10 cubic meters).  Does anyone have any advice?  Also, is anyone else moving and desiring to possibly share a shipping container (preferably to Hawaii).  I can also send my items to Tucson, AZ where I have a household that will also be moved to Hawaii at a later date.  I could consider sharing a container for a destination in Tucson or nearby.  Thanks!
  2. Need a moving helper (or two) near to Pasing for Thu (12.12) and Fri (13.12).   PM me for details.   Cheers, krakp
  3. Hi everyone, is anyone driving over from Munich to London and has a bit space in the car ? I would appreciate bringing a toy over from Munich to London for my daughter that we had to leave back in Munich, before we moved to London. I happily can contribute € to your drive. Please get in touch with me. Thank you ! Lara