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  1. Moving Expenses from USA

    Hello, all. I have posted here before about me and my husband's upcoming move to the Hamburg/Lübeck area this summer. He is currently going through negotiations with his company for things like, relocation assistance. Has anyone else moved from the United States who could give me a ballpark of what we should be asking for? There's only two of us, and we won't be bringing much furniture with us, but things like pictures, clothes, a small desk, etc. will still be (what I anticipate) a lot of money to ship internationally. What kind of relocation assistance did your company give you? Do you have any services or companies you would recommend?   Thanks!
  2. Abmeldung - how early?

    Does anyone know how long before moving you can do your abmeldung when leaving Germany?   My apartment contract officially expires in April, but I will move back to Sweden before that.   Thanks!
  3. My husband and I just got back from a holiday in Spain and lately we've been talking about actually moving there. In many ways it makes sense for us. We are retired, and our pensions will go further in Spain than they will in Germany, especially in terms of renting an apartment. We could have a much nicer place in Spain for about the same as we're paying here in Hessen - something close to the beach and maybe even in a community that has a pool. I speak fluent Spanish - my husband speaks a little but he's good with languages and I'm sure he'd pick it up, especially with my help. We are both now insured with TK but it looks like we could switch over to the Spanish public health system with not too much problem. They seem to rent a lot of furnished apartments where we are looking, so our plan would be to get rid of our furniture here in Germany - if possible turning it over to the next person who moves into our apartment. ...Just curious if anybody on the forum has actually made the move and if so, how did it go for you? What do you miss about Germany and what do you like/dislike about Spain?