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  1. Dear all,    Our moving van will be coming next week, I already called the people from the Nuremberg Amt and they told me that I have to hire a company to put the signs. The lady suggested me: Menger, Han and Schötz... but I can not find them online (I found one Schötz but it is in Dachau?)... do all the other companies that appear online can be used on Nuremberg?    Thanks a lot!,    Cecilia
  2. Been living in CH for around 2 yrs, and bought a couple guns while here. A handgun and an old bolt-action swiss ordinance rifle. It's a possibility I would choose to relocate to DE in the near future.   I've read this:   To me it seems like it is roughly like: 1. obtain a competitor's or hunter's license in DE 2. register the weapons under that license 3. buy a weapons locker and insurance in order to be compliant 4. drive across the border with the guns without needing to stop at the border or file any paperwork with CH or DE for the transfer   There is the question of obtaining a license prior to moving, maybe I could do this by joining a club near the border or doing a hunter's class but I think it would not be a big deal. What I could do instead is just leave the guns temporarily in CH via some legal and trusted mechanism. I may need to "sell" them to a trusted friend or maybe an authorized dealer could store them for me.