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  1. Hi! I am moving to USA next month (yes, during this pandemic) and although I am getting rid of most of my stuff, I do have some clothing, little furniture and other small things I'd love to bring with me.  I have started contacting some moving companies to get quotes, but wanted to ask this community for some advice.   - Can anyone recommend a decent shipping company for returns to the US from Berlin? - What was your experiences with using a palette / a crate and mailing boxes via DHL and bringing luggage on the plane? - Is there any advice on getting stuff back to the US in general? Also what to take and what to leave?   (I am aware that this topic has been discussed on this forum multiple times - however most of it is out of date)   I appreciate any help. Thank you!
  2. Hi!    I posted previously about wanting to move back to the UK despite the current crisis and have now been offered a job in the UK - starting July 1st. I'm very hopeful I can negotiate my notice period here in Germany down from 3 months, as I'm currently on 50% Kurzarbeit and there is not much for me to do at all.. So taking me back up to 100% for a month should be more than enough time to prep for my departure - I read that they I can't be on Kurzarbeit during my Kündigungsfrist, please correct me if this is wrong!   My question though is that if I accept a job in the UK, paying via PAYE into my UK bank account - do I need to physically leave Germany before the 1st July in order to be tax resident in the UK? Or is there an acceptable overlay where we can be wrapping things up here in Germany (I'm talking 2-3 weeks, not months) but I can already be working for my UK employer?   I've been living and working in Germany since Nov 2016.   Appreciate any advice, want to make sure we don't make any critical errors here!    Cheers,   Rebecca
  3.   Our service is designed with one goal in mind - to make moving house or apartment easy!   We offer a fixed price that is very affordable due to our large network of professional moving teams.   Simply fill in a form with your move requirements, provide an inventory list, and we will get back with a price.   There are plenty of additional service options to choose from, including box delivery, organization of No-Parking Zones and even post-move cleaning and painting.    If something changes (and it often does!) it’s no problem.  We have dedicated English-speaking customer support, and set up group chats with the moving team via WhatsApp to ensure a smooth experience come moving day.     Hundreds of expats have trusted us with their relocations, as no other company offers the friendly personalized service and high level of organization that takes the stress out of moving.   So no matter whether you’re moving just a few boxes locally or a whole apartment to the other end of the country, just get in touch and we’ll do the rest! Check out for more information.
  4. to the forum moderator .. apologies for the double post. When I posted the first time it look like it hadn't worked   Hi,   I've been googling this and checking this forum but to no avail.    My wife and I plan to terminate our rental contract this month. The landlord is aware. There are no issues between us. We've rented here for a few years and love the place but we've bought a new apartment as it makes financial sense (monthly mortgage payment is is the same as a months rent). We've been given a completion date for the new build as June 1st. That's when we can move in. However, with Italy in lock down and I suspect Germany soon to follow. What happens if we've handed in our notice and we can't move because our apartment is not finished.    Are there some legal precedents for these situations?   Thanks   Rob
  5. I am moving to Hawaii at the end of January.  I'm having difficulty getting moving companies to give me a quote for shipment of my belonging (<10 cubic meters).  Does anyone have any advice?  Also, is anyone else moving and desiring to possibly share a shipping container (preferably to Hawaii).  I can also send my items to Tucson, AZ where I have a household that will also be moved to Hawaii at a later date.  I could consider sharing a container for a destination in Tucson or nearby.  Thanks!
  6. Need a moving helper (or two) near to Pasing for Thu (12.12) and Fri (13.12).   PM me for details.   Cheers, krakp