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  1. I'm going to be moving soon, and starting to think about some of the larger items I'll need to move. One in particular is a large mattress pad (memory-foam type), that doesn't compress very well. I'll be taking it with me on the train, so I'm planning to compress it as much as I can, and then using a sort of strap which can be tightened to hold it in a tightly rolled shape. However, I want to be sure it's not touching the train or ground while I move it, so I would like to wrap it in some sort of industrial plastic wrap.    I was looking on OBI's website but not finding anything yet - is there a German word for the type of plastic wrap I would need?    Not asking for general advice on moving (I know I can just hire a mover, etc.) - only asking question about plastic wrap specifically. 
  2. Hi! I am moving to USA next month (yes, during this pandemic) and although I am getting rid of most of my stuff, I do have some clothing, little furniture and other small things I'd love to bring with me.  I have started contacting some moving companies to get quotes, but wanted to ask this community for some advice.   - Can anyone recommend a decent shipping company for returns to the US from Berlin? - What was your experiences with using a palette / a crate and mailing boxes via DHL and bringing luggage on the plane? - Is there any advice on getting stuff back to the US in general? Also what to take and what to leave?   (I am aware that this topic has been discussed on this forum multiple times - however most of it is out of date)   I appreciate any help. Thank you!
  3. Hello,    would you be able to recommend a firm to move our household (~ 25m^3) from London to Berlin? I'm planning to hire a van with a driver and then drive separately with my family. I'm especially keen on a reliable and trustworthy company. I've contacted a few on, but I'm open to other possibilities as well.