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  1. Can you help me identify this film and/or the actors in it?   The movie aired on a network station in Europe. It was made in the 1980s in Italy. It featured two men and their adventures. The film was set in the USA. It was largely action..I recall a scene on a boat and the characters were throwing furniture at the villains. But it had quite a bit of comic relief in it too. The main characters were thin and large respectively. The thin man had blonde hair and someone I was visiting with told me that the actor was of German origin.    Help? 
  2. Hey there, been living for 6 years in Germany but still don't understand some things.   Lets talk about movie theathers.   Eastern Europe: IMAX, 4DX, no problem Russia, city of Perm in Siberia: 4DX, IMAX, no problem Ukraine: 4DX, IMAX, no problem   Germany, Frankfurt: no IMAX, no 4DX. Berlin: no 4DX   the only 4DX is in Bayreuth.    Why is Germany and Western Europe in general is so reluctant towards such stuff? Some 10 years ago it was the other way around, the West had it all and the East had nothing. Now, third world countries like Ukraine have more modern perks than Germany.   How come?