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  1. I need to purchase motor oil filter, diesel fuel filter, and  a 6 liter of 5w-30 C2 or C3 of full synthetic oil for car oil change. Any idea where is the good place to purchase ?  I have forgotten where i purchased last time. I don't like the idea to purchase motor oil from store that overstock and does not sell out before "expiry date" of the motor oil. Any good reputable store where oil stock constantly renewed ? Thanks
  2. I wonder if there is any issue at all if i mix 5w-30c2 with 5w-30c3 ? I need 6 liter oil, hence need to purchase a 5 liter and a 1 liter.. I also wonder why C3 oil is cheaper than C2 oil (by 1 euro  , for a liter bottle).