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  1. Moving back to UK after Brexit

    Hi all, I will be moving back to UK as soon as I can. I have so many questions my head is spinning, I'll try to stick to a few points here. As I am selling everything possible, I now have lots of cash which I'd like to put into my German Bank account. 1. I don't usually have much in it, but I'll be paying several 1000s in, is this a problem? Only have Kaufvertrag for my car as some sort of proof of where the money comes from. 2. Eventually I'll close the account transferring maybe 20,000 back to UK. I need to open a Bank Account online first for that, any recommendations? 3. My partner (soon to be ex, as she's not coming with) has another 15,000 to transfer to my not yet existing UK account. Given that I don't pay tax in UK because I don't have anything, will that be taxable? What sort of official interest will be raised.(See point 2 as well) I do hope you can help, I'm super stressed out.
  2. UK Inheritance - proof needed?

    Hi, I am about to get inheritance from my Father, do the Germans require some proof of how much that was? Or can I transfer all my UK cash, and say it's all inheritance?