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  1. Mold on bedroom walls

    I have a problem with mold around my bedroom windows. I have cleaned it myself last month and the mold never grew back. But the landlord insists that I still call a professional to resolve the issue permanently and also send him the invoices as proof. Am not sure why should I call a professional if the mold is not growing again? Am not a member of Mieterverein. And am not I should get the member as I will be leaving the country in few days. Am afraid he will somehow try to keep my deposit... Can anyone please suggest how should I tackle this issue?
  2. My family and I live in a ground floor apartment in an early 1900s house in Stuttgart, and although we vent and heat regularly and keep furniture a safe distance from the exterior walls, damp mold/mould has developed on exterior walls in several rooms during our first winter here. We moved in last April, and everything was freshly painted and had appeared safe and sound. We discovered that the previous tenant had mold issues, too, and had moved because of this, and the tenants directly above us have an apartment filled with black mold. I took a look around the outside of the house and also see issues corresponding to the places where we are having problems in our apartment, and the sandstone in the garage is so dank it's seeping with a variety of colors of mold. The basement here is also an issue. I've spent a long time reading other mold threads here, and believe we have been taking all the necessary precautions to avoid mold growth. It appears the mold is a structural issue, so we have decided to move.   After reading all the threads, I see this is a much more common issue in Germany than I had realized. What I'm wondering is, once we find a new place, is there a way to ensure that it is safe structurally from damp mold? Are there warning signs I missed? Can a professional inspector spot potential mold issues before they're noticeable? And if so, would it make sense it make sense as a tenant to hire an inspector to review a property prior to signing a contract? The last thing I want is to move to another moldy home.   Also, are there any resources where tenants can rate a place they live in?