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  1. Hello hello, This has been talked about a bit, but not my exact situation (that I found). Would be happy with any help. I'm a US citizen here on a freelance artist visa, registered only as a dancer. I understood this to mean that I can only work if my contract says 'Dancer' specifically. But I hear of other people invoicing as 'creative services' or something else vague. Is that still possible (however frowned upon)?   And if not, am I able to work a 'mini-job' in something completely unrelated, say, washing dishes? Meaning, are mini-job separate from the rules of my visa because they're not full time?   .Matthew 
  2. Hello dear people of TT,   I am student and I had not worked this year at all until this October. For my job I had ( have, can change) the option of "mini job" and also "student job contract", I went with mini job, so I have a limit of 450 euros/50 hours. I also read somewhere that the income limit is 5400(12*450), so there is the possibility of working some months more than 450 euros if it stays within the yearly limit. My question is how much possibly can I stretch this income limit without getting into problem for my visa(my visa says I can work 120 full days/240 half),tax office and also insurance( Info about insurance under*) ?   Will I have a bigger limit if I change my contract to student contract ? there's no mention of 20 hours weekly limit in my visa, so for example can I possibly work everyday until end of year and then file a tax return ?! (again the questions about visa/tax/insurance)   *I have public health insurance, but my 14 semesters studying have finished, so I am paying an increased fee now, and that's because it says that I am paying from my savings.     Best regards,