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  1. Recently I had a minor car accident on rental car booked online from Check24 portal. Buchbinder was the actual rental company whereas Auto Europe was the online company. After returning the car Buchbinder has already deducted the damages cost from my credit card. I have applied for claim (Reklamation) as it was a Full-Insurance (Vollkasko ohne Selbstbeteiligung). The problem is that Auto Europe need a Police Report (Polizeibericht) to process my claim. All I have is the Police file number (Polizei Aktenzeichen) and not the report it self. I tried calling the Police office and they say that "Aktenzeichen" is all they can give out. I then called Buchbinder (as it's their car) and they also don't have it. Help desk person at Check24 say that I can either get it from Buchbinder or ask a lawyer to get it for me. It doesn't make sense to ask lawyer for it as it will cost me extra 100-200€ which no one will refund. Does anyone has an idea how to solve this problem? Any help would be great. Thanks.