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  1. I've been renting out my flat for a few months and my tenant's salary has just been cut 20% because of the Corona situation. He's employed by a company in Berlin and therefore doesn't qualify for the "Liquiditätsengpässe wegen Coronavirus - Unterstützung für Berliner Unternehmen" which some of my freelance friends got money from. He won't be able to pay the full rent from May and he told me that he would then have to move out, which I of course do not want. He's a good tenant and I would also probably end up with an empty flat for a while.  Seems to me like the only option would be to reduce his rent for a few months but I'm not sure if there's any public help in place for someone in his situation so that he could keep paying the whole amount. This could go for a while which could translate in a pretty big loss and I gotta payback a large sum I borrowed last year.    Just wondering if there's anything out there I haven't heard of! Thanks