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  1. Can't believe a whole month has gone by - wheredigo?   If any translators – pro, part-time or aspiring – feel like casting off the fetters binding them to their desks and emerging blinking into the real world, you’re welcome to join us at our meetups.   Dates and days are irregular but we try to meet once a month, usually somewhere relaxed with nice food and drink. We have our favourite locations but are always open to new suggestions about where to meet.   Subjects discussed are usually wide-ranging, as befits the enormous scope of stuff we translate; or sometimes we just get drunk and moan about clients. Come one, come all. Roll up, roll up.   This is also open to translators who don't have fetters, agoraphobia or workaholism, by the way. If you exist.   Click the "Follow this" button top right to receive updates via email.   See also discussion archive of previous translators' meetups.
  2. Meetup for german-learners

    Are there people who want to meet and talk german 2-3 times a week? We could combine this with walking in park (Schwabing, OlimpiaPark, Neuhausen, ...)? Or even long-distance walking 5-20km),  games on fresh air, tee/cafe, etc. A team of 5-6 people would be ideal, in my opinion. No age restrictions
  3. Meet Up in Lubeck

    Hi all, i've been living in Lubeck for 6 months now, currently learning German language. Is there anyone interested to meet up? Let me know, maybe we can arrange something. I live in Konigstrasse.    Thank you. Mega
  4. Berlin Creatives Meetup is back in 2018.    Are you a visual artist, musician, writer, designer, filmmaker, or something in between? Then come and have a relaxed drink with other creatives based in Berlin.    This gathering is held in English, but all nationalities of course welcome.    When: Thurs, Jan 11th at 20:00 until we feel like leaving Where: Bar Gagarin, Knaackstr. 22, 10405 Berlin How will you find us? We will be sitting at the table with a lemon on it Facebook invite (over 700 members in our group, we have been meeting since 2009):   Look forward to meeting you, Christina and Madhvi