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  1.  Really need some advice asap regarding marriage in Germany.  As British citizens we have provided the Standesamt with all documents required; officially translated,  with Apostil stamps and in case of my previous marriage in uk also with Notarised divorce certificate.  So far this process has taken 4 months and cost us almost £1000 and many visits backwards and forwards. We thought the final hurdle was applying to the courts for a certificate of 'no impediment to marriage' (no longer issued by British Embassy.  Now they have said they want original certificates for ALL previous marriages and divorces (translated,  notarised and apostilled). I can't begin to explain the problems and disappointment we've experienced with what should have been a joyous event. It's felt that the bar has been raised every time we've returned with everything we were told was required and also experienced a bit of discrimination and a lot of unhelpfulness because we're British. As far as I can see, a notarised and Apostilled divorce certificate from the British Government should be enough to show we are free to marry? Any help would be greatly appreciated. We cannot afford the time or money to continue down this path.   Note: The letter recieved quoted 'EU Article 39'