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  1. I have looked all over the internet for this information, but can't find what I need. Every article I find is either about "How to get married in Germany" or "How to bring your non-US spouse into the US", neither of those is what I'm looking for. I'm a US citizen living in Germany for years with a Niederlassungserlaubnis and no intention of returning to the US. Last year I married a German citizen in Germany. I know there are a lot of bureaucratic hoops to jump through for a US citizen to marry a German in Germany, but we jumped though all of them and were married at a Standesamt in Berlin. Now, with that out of the way, I am trying to find out if I need to tell the US government that I am now married.   I'm not trying to bring my German spouse into the US and I am not trying to get them a greencard or a US tax Id. We are also not filling taxes jointly in the US. I alone am filing taxes in the US as single. (I currently don't make enough to go past the foreign earned income credit, but may in the future (hopefully)).   So as far as I know, the US doesn't know I'm married. The only time they would know is if we return to the US to visit my family and my spouse and I go through the US citizens border line together as a family. I've asked 2 other US friends who are in the same situation as me (married Germans) and both of them said they didn't know and have not officially said anything to the US embassy.
  2. Hi,   Me and my girlfriend since four years are planning on getting married. She's a non-EU citizen but a student since many years in Germany. Her student years are coming to an end and with that also her Visa, but we're hoping to be able to live permanently in Berlin. We're getting married mostly for love, but also to hopefully solve the Visa situation. I'm currently registered in my homeland Sweden.   So my question is what alternatives do we have? Do I have to register in Germany for us to be able to get married there and through that be allowed to live and work? Or if we for example get married in Sweden, can we both then be allowed to live and work in Berlin? Any other solutions?   Any pointers would be very helpful!
  3. Why get Married?

    Hey everyone,   So, my long-term girlfriend is pregnant (15 weeks!) and we are very excited. She is German and I'm a German/American Dual Citizen, and we've been living together in Bavaria for a few years, it's looking unlikely we'd move to the U.S. for quite a while at least. The question that follows is perhaps obvious, but I could not locate a good answer with a brief search.   The question: Is there any practical benefit for us to become married? Neither of us are interested in it for "Romantic" reasons. Yes, I'm sure. But are there other reasons? More specifically, any reason to hurry and tie the knot (perhaps eloping) before the child arrives? But I am also interested in reasons in the general sense.   Although of course I'd want to register the child's inherited dual nationality, as far as I can tell, this is perfectly possible without a marriage certificate, provided I can summon the required documents. We both earn about 30k Brutto, if that is relevant to this question. If it's not plainly obvious, we're leaning towards not bothering with it, or maybe later, but I'm open to hearing other opinions. Vielen dank!