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  1. Dear Ladies/Gents,   My Blue Card extension runs out on the 19th of this month. My German girlfriend and I have decided to get married in Denmark (because it is easier to do so there apparently).   We managed to book a date of marriage on the 19th of February and could not find earlier dates.    1) Is it possible to send an email to the Auslanderbehorde telling them that I will get married soon? Would that suffice, or even be accepted by the authorities =especially that we chose to get married in Denmark, instead of Germany?   2) If step one is fine, and I do get a job offer that would enable me to continue my Blue Card and decide to delay the marriage again, would that raise any suspicion?    Any guidance on this matter would be lovely.   Thank you for your time, and I wish you all a happy new year. Sincerely,    M.N.