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  1. Accused of selling damaged goods

    hi, i bought an intex pool a few weeks ago, put it up, realised is was too large for my courtyard garden, so decided to sell. As I was boxing it I had to use a pump to get all of the air out of the ring. It was in as new condition.  I soon sold it on FB marketplace. Yesterday I was told that it had arrived and 30 minutes later that it was possibly with puncture. The buyer informed me that she had bought 2 of this type before and it was a weakness.  SO WHY BUY ANOTHER?  She messaged me late into the night. I just told her I sold it in good order.  She said she would test it this morning.  Well you can guess, before I've opened my eyes she's messaging saying it is kaput!  At the moment I'm ignoring her but can anyone advise on best course of action please