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  1. Hello, I'm recently moving out Germany so I'm looking for a new tenant from August 1st. My apartment located in Mannheim Quadrat, it is in a city center but it has a great view.   If anyone interested in it, please check the following link and photos.   Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone!   I'm moving to Mannheim in a couple of months and I'd like to know which are the coolest neighborhoods there, regarding night life. I've already research "the best neighborhoods", but people only talk about it generally, considering only safety and supermarkets and parks nearby.    
  3. Hello,    I am wanting to start a new hobby here in Mannheim, which is known as magnet fishing. I have searched all over and found nothing about it be legal or not. Magnet fishing is were you use a strong magnet to pull metals out of places like rivers and such. I was hoping that someone could help and send me in the right place if this is allowed and what I need. I am really hoping to help clean the river out of harmful metals and fluids for the environment. 
  4. Finding a house in Mannheim

    Hello, I am moving to the Mannheim/Ludwigshafen area in first of July for a new job. I am actively looking online for an apartment but so far I am not getting any replies and the posts themselves are not plenty. I am using sites like immowelt, immobilienscount and wg-gesucht and facebook market.   any tips that someone can help me with? I would appreciate the help. Thanks!
  5. I am in need of a good english speaking lawyer, specialising in Baurecht in or near Heidelberg. We recently built a new house and are facing issues with our construction company. I understand that the court communications and proceedings are in German. That is fine. I just need someone who can communicate in English with us. 
  6. Hello,  anyone that have/had kids in Private Schools in Mannheim could give a recommendation? I heard about Kurpfalz Gymnasium and Realschule in Mannheim. Any experience? Any idea about costs? Any other good name to search through? thanks!