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  1. Hi everyone, I have two job opportunities, one in Mannheim the other in Munich. For most people Munich would be the obvious choice, but it's complicated for me.   First of all, my situation: single no children, gay, early 30s, non-EU, on Blue Card, waiting for NE. Been working in Stuttgart area for a couple of years. Solid salary and benefits but no development, thus the need to change. I've been trying really hard to find something in Berlin or Hamburg, but either no offer or the salary is abysmal!   To many people's surprise, I actually do NOT like Munich that much. If not for the job, a move from Stuttgart to Munich would be completely meaningless for me. To further complicate the issue, the position in Mannheim is all round better than the one in Munich...   But in my circle of friends and colleagues (coming from around Germany and the world), Mannheim has a horrible reputation. A few Berliners and Münchners actually said: "If I can think of a city worse than Stuttgart, it's Mannheim." (I don't think S is that bad, but the snobs' advice can be useful when you choose where to live! Better safe than sorry!)   My last straw was the possibility of living in Heidelberg, which has raving reviews from everyone I know and I also liked, and commute to work. Then I checked but it takes half an hour by car and more than 50 minutes by public transport from the center of Heidelberg...   So my questions: Is Mannheim really that bad? Is it really just for old ppl or families? Is it really a super industrial city even worse than Stuttgart with nothing but jobs and all you can do there is work work work to death? How's the social life there for single ppl? Cultural facilities?   Oh, also, the people there should be nicer, right? I mean hey I survived Stuttgarter Schwaben, who else can't I deal with, right? Right?...
  2. We are thinking of moving to Mannheim. Mannheim would fall under Regierungspräsidium Karlsruhe, if my googling is right. Does anyone know the waiting time for Einbürgerung there, especially with COVID-19? Darmstadt is now taking 2-3 years. 
  3. Hello, I'm recently moving out Germany so I'm looking for a new tenant from August 1st. My apartment located in Mannheim Quadrat, it is in a city center but it has a great view.   If anyone interested in it, please check the following link and photos.   Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone!   I'm moving to Mannheim in a couple of months and I'd like to know which are the coolest neighborhoods there, regarding night life. I've already research "the best neighborhoods", but people only talk about it generally, considering only safety and supermarkets and parks nearby.