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  1. State Grundschule around Frankfurt

    Dear All, We are planning to move into an area around Frankfurt that has a lovely neighbourhood and good state grundschules for our 5.5 year old son. I know we are registered to a school where our address is located. Thats why we are trying to find a spot that is close to a good school that has also afternoon classes because both me and my wife would work. We look for neighbours like Bad Vilbel, Heusenstamm, Ober Ursel, Obert Hausen, Bad Hamburg, Bad Sodel and maybe Hofheim too. (We don't want Frankfurt City center and Offenbach)  Do you have any suggestion on school names or good districts where we can go to?  Thanks a lot. There are some topics but they disscuss international schools or schools in Frankfurt center.   Kind regard Firat Coskun