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  1. This is going to sound weird... somewhere between etiquette and formality, and not wanting to be the one to rock the boat.   Anyway, if you send mail to a business / govt dept you've never been in contact with, and they would be the one doing you a favour / helping you out, would they consider it rude / provoking that you sent the letter as registered mail per einschreiben?   For legal certainty, I would like to send the letter per einschreiben. I just don't want to get their backs up, and I've never needed to send a first contact letter per einschreiben before.   Presumably, though they don't have to sign for the letter, they'll still see the postman's mark on the envelope it was per einschreiben.   Is the mere act of sending registered seen as provocative?   I'm probably overthinking this - maybe it's covid loneliness paranoia :-)