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  1. advice for lost a apartment key

    Hello lovely people, This is my first post... I read a lot on here, but this is the first time I am asking a question. I have read lots of previous posts on this topic, but none exactly the same magnitude situation I am in... here is to hoping that someone can give me some advice... Sorry but its going to be a long one... I want to explain everything...   It seems that I have lost a key for my apartment. I only realised this during my handover when moving out. I genuinely thought that I had 3 keys, but they say that I had 4. The reason I thought I had 3 was that my rental contract says I had 3 keys. But on my handover when moving in a 4 was written over the 3. This is questionable... and something definitely to be explored further with a lawyer if the situation continues in the direction it is heading...   Before you ask, I don't have personal liability insurance - learning this lesson the hard way. I have already started getting one for the future...   Anyway, because I cant produce this elusive 4th key, my housing management have said I need to pay 20.000 EUR, yes I said twenty thousand euros, to replace all locks and keys in the apartment building. This is obviously an issue, as: I dont have 20.000 euros even if I did, there is just no way this can be right   If you have got this far, here are some further points to consider: no one told me when moving in that these keys were worth more than their weight in gold, actually, gold is a lot cheaper a better comparison is 4 times the value of my car. as I said above the rental contract says 3 keys, only the handover protocol has a 4 written over the 3. It also has a picture of the keys, but only 3 keys. On their version of the handover protocol next to the picture of the 3 keys they hand wrote "+1 key". That hand amendment is not on my version. however my version does have the 4 written over the 3. the moving out handover protocol that the house management brought also had 3 keys written on it. and it was only a few days after the "successful" handover that they called back and said that I was missing a key. A few years I got a letter from the house management saying that someone had lost a key and they had to pay something like 2.000 euros to rectify the situation. This would have been annoying, but ultimately fine. Apparently they cant do that this time because in that case they were able to make some changes to the lock, but there are only a few changes that can be made and this time the locks need to be replaced. and finally I just cant believe that such a stupid system would exist. where the continuity plan for someone loosing a key is to charge them 20.000 euros.   So I guess my questions to the good people of Toytown Germany. What do you make of this situation? Can they legally make me pay this? If they can do the discrepancies in the paperwork give me a case to take this to the courts? And does anyone have any examples of a similarly insane situation?   Sorry for the long post, and I thank anyone who can give me their opinion on this...
  2. I've been waiting for an item from an online store and the driver sent the shipment to the local post branch (inside a grocery store). I had the tracking and noticed about it and went to the grocery store the next day to pick up the parcel.  But the staff couldn't find anything with my name on it, and when I gave the tracking report they told me to contact DHL to investigate the matter. Well, I sent DHL an inquiry regarding the lost shipment, but what if they don't find it? Then who has to pay for the item? Well, I was supposed to pay the bill after I receive the item. So, does the fact that the item has not been delivered to me (not been picked up by me) relieve me from paying the damage for the loss?