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  1. With the ever increasing price of gas, I consider to install a log burning wood stove. Something like the attached photo. Location would be in a similar location, backing onto an outside wall, with the flue going through that wall. I assume another pipe is also needed to feed in fresh air. I have seen a few properties which have a chrome coloured pipe coming out of the wall and climbing up the side of the building. Have a corner position a lot like the photo, so the pipe could ascend a little like the downpipe for a drain. Major issue is house is wood construction. Flooring is tiled, underfloor heating using gas.   I live in the countryside. I see many people get deliveries of dry wood. The guy who lives 200m from me I see makes this from trees. Had in a previous rented property a wood burner and it was quite nice to use. What are the current regulations regarding what is allowed, or the major things to look out for when purchasing something like this. I'd have a company come and install it, but was wondering what sort of things I should consider when buying one. Thanks.