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  1. I am about to sic a lawyer on a tenant/handwerker in Nürnberg. He lives in the apartment he has only partially renovated.   Obviously I wish to choose a lawyer focusing on Immobilienrecht.  This Kanzlei seems a good choice, but she's in Regensberg not Nürnberg   Her first task will be to write him a letter, which she'll send by Email or whatsapp and "per Bote" meaning a court official will certify a letter with verified content was delivered to his hand or mailbox. Hopefully this will bring him to his sesnes. I'm afraid he greatly believes in his ability to confuse me.   Is there a disadvantage in having the lawyer in a different city. I would imagine even were she in the same city she would just Email her scanned letter to the Bote who print it, and hand deliver it. Likewise were it to advance to court, we won't have a Ally McBeal pleading my case to a sensitive judge in live court.   Either he has a lawyer with whom my lawyer can communicate professionally.    Or he has no lawyer and my lawyer's electronic briefs will be indefensible from his side.