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  1. I'm American, moving to Germany (Berlin) in one week. JFK Kita is holding a spot for our 3-year-old son, but we need to get a full-time Kita Gutschein before August 1. My wife and I are both self-employed as filmmakers, working together in an LLC partnership, registered in U.S. I understand that we would need to be registered as freelancers with Steuernummern, to prove that we are self-employed and need the full-time child care. The Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung asks if applicant is working as part of a partnership, and to include the partnership agreement.   I am concerned that including our U.S. partnership information on the Fragebogen zur steuerlichen Erfassung will delay the processing, as the partnership agreement (which is in English) will require extra scrutiny by the authorities. Does this sound right? What time frame should I expect to receive the Steuernummer(n)? I need it by July.  I am also aware, via other posts on Toytown, that a U.S. LLC can trigger tax traps if it doesn't qualify as a partnership in Germany. I hope we will qualify, as we meet almost every criteria listed here:  The only qualifications we don't meet would apply to every LLC: limited liability and requirement to officially register the business.    I'm considering: - Apply for Steurnummer with LLC information included. Hope that it comes through before August for the Gutschein. (Will the LLC info really delay the process that much?)  If LLC fails German partnership test, then stop billing through the LLC and just operate as individuals. Would that work, or do we have to re-apply for Steurnummer without LLC?  I'm not clear if the Steuernummer then belongs to the partnership (like EIN in America), or to the individuals? - Apply for Steurnummer omitting LLC info, hoping that this fast tracks the processing.  Once we have the Gutschein, re-apply for Steurnummer with LLC included.  Is this possible? Advisable?  What are implications?   - Go to Jugendamt with letter from Steuerberater stating that we are indeed self-employed, our Steuernummer application is in process but is taking awhile because we have a U.S. LLC.  Also state that our family doesn't speak German, so please give us a full-time Gutschein so our son can assimilate.  What are my chances? Would a Steuerberater provide such a letter? At what cost?   I have been in contact with a Steuerberater, who said he would charge me 2-3 hours (400-600 euros plus VAT) to analyze the LLC operating agreement to see whether it qualified as a partnership in Germany. Our operating agreement is 2 pages long and basically says the partnership is the two of us, no other partners allowed, we split everything 50/50, and the LLC dissolves as soon as one of us leaves (by choice or by death/incapacitation). I outlined the three options above (including the letter), but he was very vague in his response. Kept pressing for the paid service. Can't blame him, guy has to make a living. Hence, I'm here.   Other info:   - Our clients are all in the U.S., and we have no immediate need to bill any customers in Germany.   - We are applying to KSK as soon as we can. Our track record of invoices is all through our LLC, so it would make sense that we continue to operate through it while in Germany.  I'm not clear whether our LLC needs to be officially registered in Germany before we apply to KSK.   Thanks all. I'm sure I've shown the depths of my cluelessness multiple times in this post, feel free to pile on. : )