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  1. I searched for LLC on this forum, and didn't find something fitting my situation, hence my post.   I'm an American engineer living in Germany and intend to stay here for several years. I'm going to start a tech consulting business, expecting most, if not all, customers to be in the US.  I'm aware I could do this work as a Freiberufler, but my customers will only qualify me as a vendor if I'm an LLC or Corporation. I also like the liability protection an LLC/GmbH will provide. I'm aware I need liability insurance regardless Anyway, I'm trying to figure out the best path for me to move forward, taking everything into account. (I will be the only owner. I have work permission in Germany. I have gesetztliche Krankenversicherung already.)   If I start a GmbH in Germany, my understanding is that it costs several hundred euros, but isn't too difficult, using a service for this purpose. My problem with this option is that I will have to file taxes as the corporation (separate from my regular income taxes), and keep real accounting records, which sounds like a big pain. I'm aware there is the mini-GmbH (UG) option as well, but startup capital is not my problem. Not sure how the US would handle the taxes for this situation. I guess they would take whatever income the GmbH pays me as income, just like usual.   By contrast, starting an LLC in the US seems much easier. On my US taxes, I can just add a schedule, and declare the income on my personal tax return. Since I live in Germany, I can setup the LLC in the lowest cost US state (probably Wyoming). I've read various conflicting articles online about how Germany will consider this LLC income. I think that because I'm the only owner of the LLC (disregarded entity in the US), it would be considered a partnership in Germany, but I'm not sure. Obviously I need to pay German taxes on the income, but I of course want to be able to use the foreign tax exclusion on my US taxes, so I'm not double taxed. I will pay self employment tax in the US, and not pay Rentenversicherung in Germany (assume I can still elect this option as an engineer?). I would then open a US company bank account for the LLC, making it easy for customers to pay me in dollars via check/transfer.   I'm looking for any and all advice on this topic. For example, is there any reason I'm not allowed to setup a US LLC and work exclusively for it, as a resident of Germany? Can anyone reading this reply with advice for and against the LLC vs GmbH? Things I haven't mentioned that would kill one of these options for example...   Thank you very much for reading!!