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  1. I'm a freelance 3D artist and graphic designer living in Egypt, My net income is around 50k-70k Euro with 0% taxes (since freelancers in Egypt not required to pay taxes), My salary varies depend on how hard i work since i work with multiple clients remotely but most of my income comes from a specific German company which offers me to come and work from there office in Munich and they will pay me almost the same salary around 3k euro (maybe i can negotiate for 25% increase) but i will have to pay around 40% taxes and the living cost in Germany and in Munich in particular is very high which is about 10-20 times more expensive. So while i earn net salary 50-70k euro per year the average salaries in Egypt is around 1500 Euro per year which means i get 30-45 times the average salary in Egypt which means that i'm probably among the top 1% rich person in Egypt. you can check the prices in my city compared to Munich in that page below   That was the good side about Egypt but on the other side i visited Germany and i found the average life quality in Germany is much better... the streets is much cleaner.. the transportation is much more comfortable and organised and timely and the health care and education is much better and if i got the German passport in the future i will have the freedom to travel almost anywhere without visa and i will have an access to work on any EU country and the chance to be more social by communicating with others instead of spending my life working from my home but not sure if that worth wasting over 90% from my salary as taxes and living cost difference and to stay away from my parents or not. Looking forward to hear your opinions, Thanks