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  1. Cheddar cheese from Lidl and elsewhere

    I saw that Lidl has cheddar on it´s shelves this week, and wondered if anybody out there had tried it yet, and how good or bad it was?...
  2. Lidl SIM card with existing number

    I've had an O2 mobile account for ages. A few years ago they discontinued their "kein Grundgebuhr" service and signed me up for €5 per month, which changed to €10 per month with discount.   So I've ordered a Lidl SIm (which seems to repackage Vodafone) taking over my old O2 number. Do I have to resign my O2 account explicitly? Or does moving my number to Lidl resign it?   O2 of course makes resigning an account somewhat torturous. Phone a number with a never ending queue, write a letter, or send a fax.  Anybody know anyone with a fax machine? Maybe they have a steam engine I can play with too?
  3. Great news for tot fans! Last month (Oct 10) I found Harvest Baked brand "Kartoffel Tots" at LIDL (Zweibrückenstraße) for 70¢ per 500g 😲 I deep-fried them and they were indeed "Extra Crunchy" just as the bag says. The bags were in the freezer section next to the Kroketten, Kartoffeltaschen and Rösti.   Unfortunately, a few weeks later and they were no longer being sold. The bag said NEU, so I assumed they were just out of stock. But I've checked five different LIDLs and none of them have it. 😭 Do you think they would pull a new product so quickly? And such a wonderful product, too!   Manufacturer: Agristo NV Waterstraat 40 8531 Harelbeke Belgium   UPC: 4 056489 183679