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  1. Hello good folks of TT (and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season so far :-))   Here's a bit of an embarrassing little problem I would like to ask your expert help in:   So I managed to break the lid of the toilet seat the other day, it literally broke into half and although I glued it back in one piece it looks ugly. Still functioning but you can really see where it's mended, there's a large crack across the lid very visible.   The issue is, it's a really expensive make, called Ideal Standard "Tonca", and last time I checked, it is no longer produced so I'd have to mail order, the cost just for the lid and the fixtures is between EUR 120-170. Ridiculous for a piece of plastic really  Also, it's not even easily changeable, first of all the toilet itself has a weird square shape so only this type fits on it, second it's a wall mount make so the whole toilet needs to be taken off the wall to access the screws etc. This would mean additional reparation costs. I'm afraid this will result in a large bill and the question is, who is liable to pay this?   It's stated in the rental agreement that I have to cover small repairs up to 100 EUR per year and I have household insurance (though not personal liability) - but not sure what to do with this damage or even if I should report it to the landlord...   I don't mind living with an ugly toilet seat as one doesn't look at it too often so it doesn't bother me but I do wonder what would happen upon moving out if I just left it this way... Would this be a deductible from the deposit, or does something like this count as "amortization"?   Thanks for your thoughts, appreciated as always!!   Dot             
  2. My husband works as a freelance illustrator / artist and last year for the first time in his career had a client request Public Indemnity and Liability insurance.  They covered the expense of this so via a broker agreed a policy with Hiscox running 18.09.18 - 17.09.19 We were, perhaps naively, under the impression that this policy was only for a year, as we had explained to the broker that it was a single project and not something he ever normally needs. Fast forward 10.5 months and we've just received a letter in the post congratulating him on his decision to renew and asking for information on changes to his business. Since this project in late 2018, my husband has unfortunately not had any commissions and has made zero money from his illustration, so is now looking for a full-time job. With that in mind we now have even more so no use for the coverage AND we cannot afford to pay 825€ for it.   I've scoured the AGBs and cant see any information about a Kündigungsfrist and have emailed Hiscox and our broker to explain the situation, but am terrified we will be forced to pay this amount.   Questions: Can we still cancel? What are our options if his business is making no turnover, but we haven't changed anything at the Finanzamt yet?   We don't have a SEPA-Lastschrift setup - what happens if we simply refuse to pay the new invoice? Will his coverage be automatically cancelled or are we going to be sued by Hiscox / face even more fines / even worse, be blacklisted for bad credit?   Any help anyone can give would be incredible - I'm devastated and paying this invoice will be a huge financial hit on an already terrible year...   Thanks so much!