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  1. Need a lawyer

    I'm pulling my hair out over this. Tried Google and various other sites can't find a clear answer.   I need a lawyer to defend myself from certain allegations.   Can I presume that there is some sort of legal aid here?  If there is. I can only seem to find lawyers charging 300 an hour. I also presume if I were summoned to court then I WOULD be appointed a free lawyer. So is there a reason why I can't seem to find one to preemptively quash allegations and threats of persecution which are damaging to my character.   Because of the language barrier I'm not sure. But it seems likely I'm supposed to wait until I'm summoned to court and/or charged.   Additionally finding an appropriate lawyer seems another hurdle.   To clarify the allegations are from the UK. And I have a very strong suspicion would not be considered a crime in Germany. According to my research you cannot be extradited for something not also considered a crime in Germany.   Any pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated