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  1. Problems with working contract

    Hi all! First post here.   Short story     How to get out of a contract with a dishonest company before contract starts?   Long story   I signed a contract for Germany as a Software Developer. I have the following problem. I was recruited by a person from East Germany, my interviewer was also from there and I signed the contract there. During the interview we agreed that for some reason they decide to send me to a different city, they will adjust my salary. Sadly, we didn’t put this in the contract. The only thing that is written there is can work at the client’s office (but it is also not specified how far away that can be). I was called on the phone at asked to come for an interview in one of the most expensive cities in Germany. When I asked about the adjustment, they said there is no such thing and I cannot refuse their job as it will have negative impact on their reputation. I asked to talk to upper management or the guy who was there when I signed the contract, to no avail. Instead one of their managers started to shout at me (I asked him politely not behave this way). Then they asked me to leave the building and was threatened that I will never get a job in Germany. There is also the other thing that there is a specified number of hours and salary in the contract which they also didn’t follow. I was asked to work for less hours and receive less money. I guess it will be hard to prove my case, but at the same time if I don’t show up in office I have to pay a hefty fine, which is not a big problem, but I would rather donate this money to the Australia animals than give to such dishonest people. P.S. I am outside of Germany my contract will start soon. I try to avoid as much details as possible as I don't know who is reading this forum. I am quite surprised that a company with 1000+ employees in Germany can do such a thing  
  2. A form that I am completing asks for; Familienname, Geburtsname, Vornamen, Nachweis zur Person.   What does 'Nachweis zur' Person mean?   I have a feeling that this is going to be something obvious but I have never seen this before, sorry.   I am completing this form
  3. Hi Everyone,    I think this is one of my first posts here, I view this forum a lot and it has helped me a lot since moving to Germany from the UK. Sorry for the long post that is coming.   I have some questions regarding an issue I am currently facing - not so much of an issue, I just want my money back for my deposit which I am owed (and I feel I am fairly owed).   So I moved into a flat in Köln in August 2018, could've been September but definitely in the autumn of 2018 as an Untermieter as the woman who was living there at the time moved to Berlin and wanted to rent out the apartment until her contract ended.   This was in the Chlodwigplatz area of Köln. She charged me 780 per month rent as well as an Abschlag of 600 euros which covered the fridge, TV, mirror there and a few other things, which I feel again was a waste of money but as a foreigner in need of an apartment it seemed like the right move.   I gave my Kündigung in March (6 months into my tenancy) as my dad had a heart attack and I did not want to stay in Germany knowing that he was unwell and could possibly fall further into illness. There were 3 months notice since announcing the Kündigung.   I left on June 30th and lived in an Airbnb for a week before flying back home to England, living in the UK before deciding to move back to Bonn in the autumn of 2019 as I had found a job there.   So, now the backstory is out of the way.  I paid a ridiculous amount of rent per month and as a foreigner I know for a fact she fleeced me for the price. I confirmed this once I gave the Besichtigung to the new German couple that moved in that told me they were paying a lot less money and wanted to ask if I was paying the same.   The Kaution was 3x the rent price so around 1600 euros give or take.. I closed my Sparkasse account so I am not entirely sure how much exactly, although I can always phone the Sparkasse KölnBonn to check my previous outgoings.   So as of now - December 2019 I still have not received my Kaution back from the apartment. This has now been 5 months and I was told there were no issues with the flat as I left, everything was in perfect condition and I was told I would receive the Kaution back as soon as the Nebenkostenabrechnung had been calculated and assessed.    I asked a few days ago and she told me she has received the Nebenkostenabrechnung for 2018 and will receive the one for 2019 in March when she is back in the Rheinland area. Once this has been calculated she will take away anything that I need to pay and give my deposit back (8 months since I left the property).   Is this legal? I am more than willing to admit that as a foreigner desperately searching for a flat I signed the contract knowing it was too expensive and I can say I have learned my lesson in this regard. However, I feel it is unfair to still hold my Kaution which is around 1500 euros.    I am sure she will try to fleece me here as well, I am willing to take a 500 euro loss on the Kaution, although more than that feels unfair.   I work with lawyers and I am tempted to get one of them to write a letter demanding the money - if I am in the right.   I still have the contract, the written abschlag, the text messages from her and screenshots I took every month to show that I paid the rent.    Please help Toytown! and once again, sorry for the long post!
  4. While handing over the apartment, the apartment owner clearly mentioned in Übergabeprotokoll that 'Wohnung ist in Ordnung'(apartment is ok). Even the Nachmieter (successor tenant) also confirmed, in written, that all is good in apartment. About 6 weeks after when I asked to get the Kaution (Deposit) back then owner wrote the letter that the apartment had the Schimmel (Mold) while leaving. He is claiming that he repaired all the things and now he is asking me all repair cost. Question is  HOW IS CAN CLAIM AND BLAME ME while- 1. he himslef wrote in Übergabeprotokoll that 'Wohnung ist in Ordnung'(apartment is ok). 2. he made the Zählestand Protokoll (Meter and heater reading) on the day of leaving the apartment and at that time also he was not able to find the mold in apartment. 3. Nachmieter (successor tenant) also gae in written that I checked the apartment and all is ok with the apartment, on the day of leaving.   Your advice in this matter is highly appreciated.   Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. Hello all,   I will try and make this brief. I am seeking legal help and advice. Yesterday, myself and I assume a large number of customers of Berlin-based company Relocately GmbH ( received an e-mail notifying us that they were suddenly declaring bankruptcy/insolvency.   This means many, many customers who have thousands of dollars worth of goods, items and furniture around the world were suddenly told their stuff was in limbo, locked down as the company is legally unable to pay shipping partners along the way and asking their own customers to pay AGAIN, to be listed as 'creditors', just in order for the shipments to move forward, along with added fees for holding, etc.   In short, it's a nightmare. I have started a Facebook group called Relocately Insolvency Recovery Initiative (RIRI). We have had not much further contact or information from anyone at the company since the initial notice e-mail. Each customer will need to have its own case reviewed for different shipping partners, etc. Meaning, if we ARE to pay again for this horrible development, they have not been able to provide how and where exactly we can send money to (i.e. direct partners, etc.).   The notice email identified Rüdiger Wienberg as their insolvency lawyer for the company but I have not reached out yet as I am trying to understand what I should do. If anyone here has any recommendations for lawyers or anyone who can help us at this time. Please let me know here or find the admin (me) on the Facebook group I listed above. Happy to give more information or details upon request. Thank you.
  6. So today i have caused minor damage to a colleagues car while working a fork lift. Usually there would be no problem and insurance would cover the damage but i was asked to drive a forklift even tho i have no license for one. I have of course informed my company on this fact and they said it was no problem and since we are short handed someone needs to fill in. I was hesitant but i agreed (i understand that i should have said no). But my problem now is they are talking about me covering the damage for the accident that happened on the company grounds, with the company equipment, after i was asked to do the job and they being informed several times i had no license.  Who is responsible for covering the damage and do i have any legal recourse to refuse to pay?
  7. Hello, I work in an engineering company that hires outsourcing agencies and in the same time I own shares in an outsourcing agency working in the same domain. Is it regarded a conflict of interest to recommend this agency to my boss? Clearly if they get more work then their valuation will grow and naturally my shares.
  8. An American student lived in my WG but left two years ago. I don t have a forwarding address. When he was here he had put his address as Name C/o Main Tenant (me). A lot of people have lived in this apartment, it s kind of a revolving WG, and usually we just keep the letters in a box. However, this letter is from the court and I don t know what to do with it. Any advice?  I don't know if he de-registered when he left the city.  I would be grateful for any advice.
  9. Hallo zusammen,   My Grandmother has passed away about 3 years ago a left an inheritance in the high 5 figures. My Grandmother had no will, therefore it is to be split evenly, between my Mom and her two sisters. Makes sense, right?    We were in the bank that was processing the inheritance and the documents were about to be signed to release the money when all of a sudden the oldest sister demanded that she deserves all the money because she's the oldest, and refused to sign the document. We all sat there, including the Bank Employee, dumbfounded. The Bank lady said without all 3 sisters signing the document the money could not be released. The Bank lady also mentioned that my Aunt could refuse to sign this document indefinitely and there was nothing we could do.    I was hoping to get some guidance on what the next step is. I find it hard to believe there is nothing we can do, and that my aunt can grandstand the whole thing until it's her time to go.   Danke und viele Grüße
  10. Hi there. - I was caught shoplifting a cheap bottle of alcohol (it was really stupid, and I didn’t need to), and I’m scared now of how this might affect my visa.  I’m currently in Germany on a Blue Card. Here are my questions.:   1) does shop lifting affect my ability to get a blue card renewed?   2) does shoplifting prevent me from getting residency (which I can do thru the blue card after a number of years? I’ve read that a serious crime could prevent one from getting residency, so does shop lifting count as serious?   3) I just received a letter from the police asking for more information / my statement (including economic conditions). What should i do?   At the time i was caught, I said it was a mistake and I just forgot about this one bottle. We paid for everything else. Should I just reiterate that it was a careless mistake on my part? Does saying I have a job make it harder to persecute my case?   4) if I do pay a fine for this, how long will it be in my criminal history?   thanks all.
  11. Apartment rental contract feedback

    Hello everyone!  Finally after a long and gruesome search there is some light at the end of the tunnel! (renting an apartment in Munich!) Everything has run smoothly so far, and we are at the last step, signing the contract. Now my German is good enough to hold a conversation (and communicate details) but even if I can read 90% of this, I know that the attention to details is what saves someone headaches down the line. I know I might be asking too much, but I m still going to ask Can someone with some experience tell me if something stands out for them? I tried searching for a template of this to see if it already exists out there (and with what alterations) but no luck... I was expecting to be paying 1000 warm, but it seems the Strom is not in there, and I m unclear on what it says for the Betriebskosten, so I would like to know what else might be sticking out (or an estimate of actual total cost for a 1 person - 47 square meter apartment). Thank you so much for your time! (can't upload PDFs on the forum)
  12. Legal insurance advice/recommendations?

    Starting this topic because searching here and the most relevant/recent threads are older than 5+ years. I'm looking for advice on getting rechtsschutzversicherung here in Berlin. (Suffice to say I have my reasons why I would like to have this insurance, the discussion of which is not the point of this post)   I'm a bit overwhelmed because I've looked around and cannot find any reliable way of telling if a particular service is good or not. The reviews on Check24 are not helpful because many either one sentence replies or sound either made up or written by idiots. Google reviews aren't very helpful either, and I've read plenty of contradicting information.  Additionally, I really need to find an insurance company with English speaking reps. My German is alright, but I'm not comfortable trying to understand legalese German. Even my partner who is a native German speaker gets extremely frustrated and overwhelmed trying to parse legalese auf Deutsch.  If I have an issue, I am going to have to be the one to call their help hotline, I can't put this on my partner, so it's important that I am able to understand what they advise me to do. Furthermore, I'm trying to find a place with either bilingual lawyers or freie anwaltswahl so I can find a bilingual lawyer here in Berlin.    Does anyone on TT have any recommendations or advice? I've heard a lot of anecdotal stories of people who had rechtzschultzversicherung and either they refused to cover a particular case or canceled the person's coverage immediately after a claim. It's quite daunting and a lot of places sound like trash that just take your money and don't actually protect you when it counts.