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  1. I am moving out due to incessant Bullying from my roommate and a serious infestation of gnats. I am allergic to the Stechmücken bites and despite putting up traps and screens on the window in the kitchen, we still have a big problem because my roommate, who appears to be a psychopath, is insistent on leaving a the balcony door open 24 hours a day. I put a fan in the kitchen to blow them away from me but he comes in and screams that it can’t be on and turns it off.  I am moving out at the end of the month and have already found several people Willing to take the room, but the current roommate will not accept any of them (because he wants assert his power over me and wants his friend to move In Who can’t move in for at least another month) it is a 4 Wg and we are all listed as hauptmieters. I paid no Kaution. What’s the worst that could happen if I don’t pay rent next month when I’ve already moved out ? The other 2 roommates don’t actually live at the flat they just pay rent but are going along with the bully on whatever he wants. I can’t load the contract but I believe it’s standard, can send to anyone by email.  vielen Dank 
  2. I’ve be accepted to rent an apartment in Spandau, Berlin. It’s a first time use. The agency sent me the contract in German. Before I sign I want to check with a real estate advisor and/or legal advisor if the offer is worth it in term of price and contract terms and if there is something unusual in the contract or it’s over priced. So please if you can offer this service or know who I should contact please let me know
  3. If you can see my other posts then it would be clear why I'm taking the legal route. However i am now going into a legal battle with my landlord because 4 days before vacating the apartment, he wanted me to paint it, even without it being bad and also not required in the contract. Also i lived there only for 2 and half years. He was rude and also he was disrespectful. I've had enough of his bullshit and I'm taking him to court. I took this decision after carefully thinking about the consequences. Also i found out i have a bullshit sq meters mentioned in my contract and also nebenkost incorrect and no bill for the nebenkost for entire time. Plus i fixed several issues in the house which were not my responsibilities. I think i have enough data. Also I'm taking whatsapp chat printouts where he threatened to take me to court as i reported to him that the water heater broke and i 'Requested' him to fix it as it was winter. Soooooo I think my case is strong. However I would really appreciate any additional tips and rules i need to be aware about so that i have as much support as possible before I begin. 
  4. Hello, all   I'm a Chinese national who used to live in Berlin in 2019.  Last November I found a WG with a man in East Berlin who owned the place. During my stay he began to gaslight me sensing my depressive mental state, and finally committed a sexual assault against me on Nov 25, 2019. I had to return to China shortly after the sexual assault, was too shaken and ashamed to do anything about it right away. since I was so damaged by the trauma of this event, I was unable to accept an offer of employment from a German company, and lost subsequently my residence permit in Germany and could no longer return. The great suffering, pain and shame caused by the assault and its consequences drove me to attempt suicide.   Now without access to proper therapy, I was put on a mood stablizer and pretty much rely on my own strength to get through the days. I submitted an official Strafazeige (complaint) to the German consulate here who passed on to the Federal Police 2 months ago. But knowing the lack of direct evidence and the pandemic, there's little chance my case will ever see a trial.   Under a friend's advisement, I sought out his company and sent emails to his employer, to no vail. His employers didnt do anything. I'd like toi arrange to send letters to all his neighbors to shame him, but could not find a way to access such information as his neighbor's name.   I'm reallt at thewits'end and consumed in resentment. I know its unhealthy, but I need to get bakc at him, even just a bit. Please kindly advise should you know a proper way to handle him in this situation. Thank you.   P.S. if you wanna find out more about the case plz follow longroad2justice on insta. .
  5. Surrogacy law in Germany

    My partner and I are looking at the possibility of surrogacy overseas and we'd like to find out more about the legal side of that here in Germany. I know there has been some movement in the courts recently but we need proper advice before moving any further.    We are a heterosexual couple in our 30's and both resident in Berlin for the last 6+ years. We are only considering the surrogacy route because of some major health problems a pregnancy could cause my partner and a child.    I've contacted some lawyers in but many don't seem to have the experience to offer us advice in this matter. So if anyone has a good recommendation for lawyers or direct experience of the process that would be really appreciated.   Thanks in advance
  6. Hello dear Toytown Community,    I am seeking advice. We were recently scammed when we sold our car and I would like to know if anyone has an idea about how to deal with the situation. Here are the detials:   We got an estimate for our car from and went to one of the suggested dealerships by the site. There they started telling that that estimate is too high and they can only offer us an X amount. We said thank you but thank you and went home. At home we got a message from that the dealership made us an offer but we refused to take and that this offer is valid for 6 days.    After a short discussion at home, we decided to take the car back to the dealership and sell if for the X amount offered since it would be hassle free for us in comparison to a private sale. We took the car back and they said ok but they need to check the car. When my husband went back alone to finish the paper work, he was manipulated into signing a totally different contract for a much lower price that was discussed before. I could not believe what happened when he got home...    I do not want to leave this matter alone. This was a real scam and we were taken advantage of. Is there anything we can do now? Are there any contract cancellation deadlines so that we can go back on this sale contract and bring the car back home? Are there any agencies (consumer protection?) that offer help or advise to people who find themselves in a similar situation?    I will appreciate any help. This is beyond a question of money, it is a matter of principle and fighting back. It sucks being taken advantage of.   Kind Regards, Eve
  7. As per title, I rented out my (fully furnished) apartment these past six months, while I've been abroad; there was a regular contract and, at the start of the renting period, I made available to the tenant the documents necessary for the Anmeldung (I live in Berlin and I'm the owner of the apartment). I haven't copies of these Anmeldung documents any more, and the tenant (who has contacted me during the renting period for various reasons) never asked me anything more, or communicated me any documentation problem in regard. I actually don't know, and haven't checked, if she actually did the Anmeldung.   There have been problems and difficulties with this person, but it's not the subject of this topic. Now she is bugging me with the request of a Vermieter Bescheinigung, which is a document necessary for the Anmeldung, and as such she should have had it in order to do the Anmeldung, if she has done it; I, on the other hand, don't have it any more. She mentions that she needs it for her tax filings.   To make things more complicated, I think she mentioned me at the start of the contract that she was legally resident in another apartment and would use mine only as second residence. Again, I didn't check anything, thinking that if she really had to do an Anmeldung, she would have just done it.   What do I do? Can she legally request this document that I haven't? Isn't she required to have it, if she did the Anmeldung; and if she didn't, why ask for a Vermieter Bescheinigung? Does she really need it for the tax filing, or is she making up this? (By the way, I asked also my Steuerberater and they don't seem to care for this document in relation to tax filings).   Note also that I wouldn't have any problem in compiling it now, but can I do this on June 16 in regard to a rent period that ended one month ago?   Thanks!
  8. Dear,   I immigrated to Germany in 2018 and took Deurag Legal insurance with the help of a advertised broker here without any hesistation.  Due to some circumstance, I had to use legal insurance twice as plantiff for different matter. 1) I won and defendant paid 100% and 2) defendent paid 90% settelement out of court   After this, deurag sent cancellation letter that it will not renew subscription for next year (probably its typical) therefore I started looking for new legal insurance. I understand that getting new legal insurance with above history could be difficult and I am aware of waiting for 3-6 months cooling period.   I am seeking advice from expert or those who were in similar situation (Cancellation from previous insurer) and opted/accepted by different insurer and who are they?    Thanks and stay safe!
  9. So today i have caused minor damage to a colleagues car while working a fork lift. Usually there would be no problem and insurance would cover the damage but i was asked to drive a forklift even tho i have no license for one. I have of course informed my company on this fact and they said it was no problem and since we are short handed someone needs to fill in. I was hesitant but i agreed (i understand that i should have said no). But my problem now is they are talking about me covering the damage for the accident that happened on the company grounds, with the company equipment, after i was asked to do the job and they being informed several times i had no license.  Who is responsible for covering the damage and do i have any legal recourse to refuse to pay?
  10. Hi,    I am not German and recently I bought the house in Heilligensee, my house is on the front row and two other houses need to past my land, I know by law I should allow them to past and I do not have block the, but there are some issue which need to know how to act with them.    The old owner grow a big tree at the end of my land which now is protecting by government and when we requested the government for permit to cut down they told us no. I personally dose not have any issue with that tree and love it, but because we understood neighbour dose not like that tree because they claim it is too big and make dirt everywhere  we agreed to make application to keep them happy since we like to have the nice relationship with our neighbours, story short government told us no.    Now I saw few times this neighbour  put his hand and cut branches which are still in my land but in this passage way and not block him or cause of any damage to his car and then throw it into my garden, or collect the death lift from this three and dump it into my garden.    1. Does he has right to touch my tree? if No. what should I do is there any law sentences which I can read and learn about the law in Berlin? 2. Dose he has right to drop/throw it back in to my garden? if No. what should I do is there any law sentences which I can read and learn about the law in Berlin? 3. Also I can see he put some white powder below my tree and when I did ask him he said this is poison for ants, but at close to this tree I grow strawberry and this can be harm for my health if I eat these strawberry :(,    Overall I am not sure why he do these things without asking me, I do not have problem if ask me for help to clean or cut or anything and then we both knows what's going on rather than he just decide and act without my concern or permission.    Many thanks for your input and help.   
  11. Hello,   I am currently renting an apartment in Munich, with my contract ending on the 26th of June. I will thus leave before this date: this is fine. The problem is that my landlord intends to sell this apartment, and wants to organize visits with prospective buyers before I move out. While this is perfectly expected in normal times, having multiple people visit my flat currently put me at risk of contamination by the Coronavirus (I have preexisting conditions that make me want to stay well clear of it).    Has anyone faced the same issue? How did you solve it in the end? Does anyone know whether special corona-related legal provisions have been enacted recently in this type of situation?   I thank you in advance for your answers and your help.  
  12. Hi there, I have a question regarding the following situation: if as per my working contract I am entitled to non-compete compensation, and if I was terminated from work due to operational reasons, are there any limitations to receiving both my non-compete compensation (Karenzentschädigung) together with my unemployment benefits (Arbeitslosengeld)? Happy to elaborate if needed. Any answers would be of help!