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  1. Hello, I am looking for an english speaking insurance broker who can help me figure out the best legal insurance to buy in Germany. Please send me a pm
  2. Notice period to end tenancy

    I signed a new tenancy agreement to move to another flat end June 2022. I today gave my current landlord 30 days notice and he said to me that I got to give 3 months notice!!! Is this true? I googled it but can't find no definite answer. I am paying my current landlord 500 euros in cash every month and I dont get a receipt, the reason being that he doesnt want the tax authorities to know that he getting the said amount from me. Has he got the right to keep my deposit of 900 euros? Can he sue me for 3 x 500 = 1500 euros? My move to Germany is getting more complicated by the minute! Any advice would be appreciated.
  3. Wohngeld and a Guarantor

    Good morning folks, a question - I am about to sign a lease on a small flat, but because my State Pension is not great, this is being done with the help of a guarantor. Would I be able to claim Wohngeld or Grundsicherung im Alter further down the road even though Ive signed the lease and somebody else has signed as my guarantor? Any genuine responses would be highly appreciated.
  4. When I moved to Germany from UK I got a temporary flat, fully furnished, all bills included for 620 euros per month. 30 sq meters. The temporay rental contract ended in December 2021. I asked my Landlord if I could stay on and he said it was ok and dropped my rent to 500 euros per month, but that he would not give me a monthly receipt for rent...I presume this is because of a tax implication for him. I pay him cash every month. Him and his wife are truly fantastic people.  My financial situation is dire, 700 euros pm UK state pension and I have 60k in the bank. I am 67 yrs old and my health is not too good. My questions thus are as follows - Can I ask my Landlord to set up a permanent residence contract to enable me to claim Wohngeld further down the line? Is there a tax implication etc etc for him? I can afford the 500 pm at this stage ( the flat is fully furnished, internet, tv etc). Its a comfy little place.. I really am dumb with this type of thing as I've never ever found myself in this type of situation before. When looking at Wohngeld, Grundsicherung im Alter etc I have seen that a tenancy contract is always asked for. I am petried that Homelessness is a real possibility for me in 5 years time. Any advice as to how I can overcome this problem or how to approach my Landlord would be highly appreciated. I don't really want to divulge my personal financial situation with him, even though he ia a good guy.