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  1. Hi there   Has anyone has the experience that working for a zeitarbeit firma and got a job offer in the hiring company which you are working for.   I have a 6 months contract with a zeitarbeit frima, which they have sent me to work for a company. I am now only in my 2nd month still 4 months to go. The hiring company has now an internal permanent position which I applied and got an offer. I wonder if I should resign from the zeitarbeit and take the permanent job now, or I have to finish my contract for the 6 months first. Can the zeitarbeit frima do anything to block my move?    Has anyone got a similar experience before and would be grateful if you could share.   Thanks   
  2. Yesterday (October 26th) I received a horrifying letter from the Staatenswaltschaft, which was bizarrely dated September 2.    The letter claimed I have a 3,500 euro unpaid fine, and I now owe 7,000 or risk imprisonment. WTF.    At first I was severely confused because, to my knowledge, I have never owed a 3,500 fine. Surely I would have heard about this before it escalated to a 7,000 fine/threat of detention?   I tried calling and couldnt get through to ask about it, and unsurprisingly the email address doesnt work. Basically means its impossible to reply (this morning I tried repeatedly to call again, but the number they provide doest even go through. what the hell)   Last night as I panicked instead of sleeping, I realised the sum is the same to an incorrect claim the arbeitsamt made back in 2019. The also said I owed 3,500 (I'm rounding here, but the exact sums were the same - down to the penny). So now I am assuming the two are connected, though I cannot be certain as the letter has no context (only a threat and an IBAN number) and I cannot contact them to clarify.    The thing is, back in August, I was under the impression the arbeitsamt realised their mistake (FINALLY, took 18 months for me to get them to examine the papers I gave them proving I was indeed unemployed) and corrected the claim from 3,500, down to 125. I paid that immediately, back in August, and wrote to them again for confirmation. I received the following letter from the arbeitsamt:   ''Ihr Anliegen habe ich geprüft und möchte Ihnen wie folgt Stellung geben. Mit Bescheid vom 18.12.2018 erhielten Sie einen Erstattungsbescheid in Hohe von 3577,32 Euro. Nach abschließender Klärung mit Ihrem Arbeitgeber zum Arbeitsbeginn, erhielten Sie mit Bescheid vom 01.06.2021 einen Anderungsbescheid zum Bescheid vom 18.12.2018 hinsichtlich eines korrigierten überzahite Betrages von nun nicht mehr 3577,32 Euro, sondem nur noch 125,52 Euro. Dieser Bescheid liegt zur Kenntnis in Kopie bei. Dieser Betrag ist bereits von Ihnen erstattet worden.''   I received the above letter on September 6. I interpreted it as "we finally spoke with your employer and now realise you don't owe 3,500, but only 125, and you already paid this by the time I am sending this letter." Am I wrong in. this interpretation?? Do I still owe them 3,500???   I am now terrified of the threat by the Staatenswaltshaft and frustrated there is no way to dispute it, and confused why the letter reached me almost 2 months after the heading claims it was written. I panic send the arbeitsamt 3,500 last night despite having received the letter from them it was only 125 (which I already paid) and am considering paying the staatenswaltshaft the other 3,500 to avoid wrongful imprisonment. However, the 7k here is will essentially financially ruin me as thats similar to the total amount I have in savings now.    I already contacted a lawyer, but they said it will take several days to respond.    My questions are: 1. did I interpret the letter from the arbeitsamt correctly? 2. if I pay now, do you think I can get my money back if my interpretation is correct and their demand is not legally valid? 3. any idea how I can reach the staatenswaltschaft and maybe get some answers about the origin of the claim, in case its not related to the arbeitsamt? again, it seems so strange to receive such a letter with no explanation, so I can only assume its related to the now-closed-claim by the arbeitsamt due to the sums being identical    pray for me...
  3. Long story short, I am currently facing a strafbefehl. The problem is this -- it was issued in Spring of 2019, but I was only notified of it last month in 2021. The annoying thing, is the strafbefehl is for a supposed crime of fraud due to a paperwork error of my old employer who incorrectly told the finanzamt I started work in August 2018 when I really only began working on October 2018 -- thus, the state thought I received ALG1 when I didn't. The arbeistamt has spoken with my former employer and now agree I only begin in October, but that doesnt chang the original strahbehal.   It's a bit frustrating, because I was never given the chance to appeal it within the 2 week timeframe because they didn't notify me of it until very recently. Even more frustrating, the reason they think I deserve to get the strafbefehl is tied to something which has already been resolved. I'm speaking with a lawyer about this, but I cannot have any guarantee my case will be won or in what timeframe.    It's rather icky timing as my residency is about to expire (work permit) on December 18. I qualify for a blue card, and I have been living and working legally in germany for 5.5 years and am currently gainfully employed. Nonetheless, I am concerned this clusterfuck of a situation with the strafbefehl will prevent me from renewing my residency permit.    2 questions: 1. will having a strafbefehl affect the ability to get a blue card?  2. if not, will it prevent me from getting permanent residency later?       
  4. Hello all, I have searched TT already, but cannot find a definitive answer, I would ask that you bear with me on this matter. I will relate the story in full and would ask that you respect my situation and refrain from judgemental opinions, outside that that relates to my request for information and guidance.   I am an early retired man (early 60's, due to medical issues, not related to this situation), originally from Ireland and living near Hanover for 3 years with my wife.   Recently, I started unpaid volunteer work, at a major museum, 2 days a week, for 4 hours each day. I did not sign any forms or was given any particular instruction about the work involved, although I was supposed to get and sign, some paperwork relating to the position at some stage.   The second day I was there, I and another volunteer were given the task of moving an exhibit to another floor, via a passenger lift. The exhibit was on wheels and weighed about 350kg. We had previously moved a number of exhibits this way on the day, with no particular problems. However, this object was too long to go straight into the lift, it needed to be placed diagonally in the lift, in order for the doors to close. This involved placing the front of the object in one corner of the lift and lifting the other end to place it in the opposite corner.   While I was lifting the back of the exhibit, I heard and felt a 'crack' in my back, it was not overly painful and assumed that it was just a joint 'cracking', like a knuckle, or other joint might crack when manipulated. I continued to work that day, but I stepped back from any overtly physical exertions.   Over the next few days, the pain in my back became progressively worse, I attended my GP, who diagnosed a muscle sprain, and gave me several muscle relaxation injections in my back, along with some medication.   A week later and the pain in my back had become severe, I attended a different GP in my local practice, who immediately suspected that I had a fracture to the spine and asked me to attend the Emergency Department in my local hospital, this I did at once.   At the hospital, X-rays and a scan showed a fracture to the spine, along with damage to Cartlidge, which had moved into the spinal column, which had potentially life-changing consequences. It was decided I needed urgent surgery, and the next day an operation was performed, in which vertebrae were fused (cemented together) and a metal implant was inserted in my spine.   Obviously, there will be ongoing issues with this surgery, along with extensive physiotherapy and as yet, unknown side effects impacting on my life, for example, one of my hobbies will more than likely not be possible to pursue into the future.    My question is where do I do from here, I am not very familiar with the German legal system:  Do I need to report the incident to some authorities? Will my health insurance seek to recoup costs from me, or the museum? How do I protect myself from any further health issues arising from this event? Is the German civil case system based on a similar one to UK and Ireland, confrontational, expensive and lengthy? Do I need a lawyer to protect my interests and if so, where do I find one? Finally, is this a case of 'personal responsibility', ie; suck it up and get on with life?   Many thanks and I look forward to your considered thoughts.   Regards, Pat F.  
  5. Hi, I moved out of Germany and cancelled my Telekom contract.    The wireless router was being rented from them (Mietgerat).    I returned the router on 16.07 and have a receipt from them that proves this.   It says I returned a "Speedport W 722V Typ B".    They have continued to charge me rent for a "Speedport Smart 2".      I don't ever recall having received a second router from them, and bills from earlier this year show me paying only for the "Speedport Smart 2".     It seems to me that they made some kind of clerical mistake and are charging me for equipment that was returned.   I canceled the automatic debit from my bank.   Now they are trying to charge me for the failed debit attempt.   Even if they are correct, and I did have two Speedport devices, I want to settle this with one final bill and not pay monthly.   How should I proceed?   Should I ask for proof of when they sent all Speedport devices?           
  6. Dear Toytown,    Does anybody have any experience in paying a lawyer to review an employment contract and can recommend someone? I am considering this service as I am not sure some of the clauses in my contract are lawful.   For example the bonus payment (which is performance based and forms a significant part of my compensation) is not paid if either party terminates the contract duing the year. However, I have read from some sources that could be considered unlawful and would like to have this clarified so that I understand all my rights under the contract.    Thank you! 
  7. Hi   I've had a good look through the forums here and have seen a lot of posts about Waldorf Frommer but I couldn't really see any that are exactly the same. My friend received this letter recently (attached). She has previously received other letters from WF but has ignored them and since she's been out of the country for a year she didn't see a letter about going to court. From my understanding it seems like they've taken the case to court and it's been decided on, but I'm not sure if that's true. The part which is worrying is the "die gerechtliche Auseinandersetzung wurde abgeschlossen".   Can anyone advise on if and how we should respond? If she ignores this letter will it become a criminal case or will they forcefully take the money from her account? It's got us both really worried. Is this just further scare tactics?   If I'm posting this in the wrong area please let me know, I'm new to the forum.    Thanks, John.
  8. Pfändung notice from Bank

    Hello All,   I'm an Expat here at Cologne and I'm working here for almost 2 years. A few days back I got a letter from the bank and it states it is a Pfändung and I owe some couple (Bonn) almost about 3000 euros, and if in case I fail to pay them, my bank account would be frozen.   I'm really surprised by this letter as I do not even know these couple and I have never been to Bonn. I called the Bank and they said they can't help me as the order is from the court. I also did not receive any bills or any mail regarding this matter and the bank said there are no details on why I owe those couple that sum of money.   This is causing me stress and mental harassment. I cannot focus on my work. Kindly let me know what options do I have here and the way forward.   Regards, Lorong
  9. Hello Forum Members,   I recently rented a caravan from a private person for a 2 week vacation. I paid the agreed rental amount in advance but no deposit. On the day of the pick-up of the caravan the owner proposed making an contract that, if i don't return the caravan by  a certain date(, I will have to buy the Caravan for few thousand euros.    When we used the caravan, one hinge of the 2 cupboards broke the other hinges were still fine. We taped them and used as we were on vacation. When we returned the caravan we showed that the broken hinges and mentioned we have taped them and they need to be fixed. Owner was ok he said its fine and thanks for binging it to his notice...etc Later we wrote(saying its returned on a certain date) on the same contract and got it signed by us and the owner.    Two days after returning, the owner claimed that there is a external damage and some other inner damage. The external damage was existing when we rented out the caravan. We mentioned to him that it was already existing well before and the additional inner damage was very minor and was at place which we never used(one draw that was dirty...therefore we never used it). We also replied saying the internal hinge damage was already shown to him and we had no clue of the draw as we never used it. The dialogue continued for a week with him claiming there is a picture of the external part before we rented the caravan. He never sent the picture. I did some digging into the chat and shared files, i found the picture of the caravan well before renting which slightly indicates the external damage was existing.   Eventually after few more days, the owner claimed the total cost of the repair including everything is more than 350 and asked us to pay 130 after which he will not claim anything from us.  We mentioned again that external damage was existing(we also sent the pictures and showed his own picture before renting that indicates slightly the damage exists). We also mentioned the internal damage is expected as its a old and not well maintained caravan. Also we mentioned that when we showed the internal hinge damage for which he was ok and didn't say anything. Eventually we communicated that we don't owe him anything. The damage because of wear and tear is expected and is owners responsibility and external damage was anyway there and not caused by us.   Now, he threatens to take legal action, if i don't pay him as he will use my details and send legal notice. I don't want to pay as the external damage was not because of our use and the hinges cost about 5-10 euros to replace but in my opinion its completely because they are old and not maintained. What should we do?   Does he have a good ground to take legal action?  If he sends a legal notice, how should i counter? Do i need a lawyer to respond? Which court takes up such cases?   Thanks...      
  10. wallpaper damage in bathroom

    Hey,  Maybe someone here can help me with a bit of advice.    So, I moved into an apartment in Berlin about 4 years ago. Since the last six odd months, the wallpaper in the bathroom is coming off. Also, a bit in the kitchen. There could be risk of mould formation and I would like to re-do the wallpapers or better paint the walls.    I wrote to the landlords, and they sent a company to inspect. The company said that the walls are not damp and that the wallpaper damage is due to poor ventilation. The company also said that there should not be wallpaper in the bathroom in the first place. They said wallpapers are not best at repelling moisture and over time they would come off.    The owner wrote back to me saying that as the wallpaper damage is due to poor ventilation it should be re-done by the tenant.  It is important to note that the wallpapers are only coming off in the bathroom and slightly in the kitchen, the only two places where there is more moisture. All other rooms have no problem.    My argument is that the owners should pay it because they should never have put wallpapers in the bathroom in the first place. It is natural that they would come off.    My questions are who should pay of this?  If the owner refuses to pay, do I have a legal case? Also, should the wallpaper be applied again, or these rooms be painted by water repellent paint?    Thanks a lot!      
  11. Hi guys!   I've decided that I want to change something in my life, travel a bit and then look for another job in or away from Germany.   For that matter, I quit my job, and from the 31st of July I will officially be unemployed.   In my contract, I have a non-competence clause, forbidding me to work for a direct or an indirect competitor of my previous company. Fair enough bout it. There is also a clause in my contract, which I found that it's actually referring to the "Waiting allowance" / Karenzentschädigung term in the German law, in essence obligating my former company to pay me 50% of my brutto salary for the term of the non-competence clause (one year). Because I'm the first one to ask about this clause in my contract, HR had no idea about it, and after a pretty long wait (half a month) I got few answers.   My main question was about the reduction of the Karenzentschädigung if I get employed in another field of work altogether. This is a relevant document that I found online:   Page 3 shows a hint of my question.   The response from HR included this:   Deduction of otherwise earning * The otherwise earning only has to be deducted insofar as your earnings are together more then (old brutto sallary + 10%)€ p.m. (110%),  incl. waiting allowance * You have to provide complete information about the otherwise earning to <EX COMPANY> (e.g. pay slip, employment contract) * You have to seriously look for a new job/earning and prove to <EX COMPANY> these efforts (e.g. covering letters, rejection letters) * Please note that if you do not make these efforts <EX COMPANY> reserves the right to stop the payment of the waiting allowance   I'm a little puzzled by these answers. HR knows that I might end up somewhere away from Germany, and based on the above document, that percentage floor should increase to 125%. Is this true? Also, can someone point me to where are the third and fourth points mentioned in the German law which is responsible for the waiting allowance / Karenzentschädigung ?   Cheers!