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  1. Fired from work

    Hi,   I got fired from work due to "restructuring changes". I was some of the few affected from my team and it was done during my vacation. They sent me a settlement agreement as a pdf which is not yet valid from any parts. I was fired by e-mail and since then they did not answer the questions that I had. They promised on another e-mail 12 weeks of severance but in the deal there is only 8 weeks described. I have only two/three weeks to act on this, so I am not sure if someone here can help me to understand my chances:   - Does it worth to take them to court? I heard court can take years to solve and I am not sure if I can work in the meantime or if they will provide me with my salary until is solved. - What is the best way to negotiate with them as they neither sent me the real deal nor they want to answer my questions. - Can I getter a better deal for the settlement agreement?   I will have a lawyer appointment soon but I just want to find the best strategy to leave it in peace.   Thanks everyone for any help,
  2. Hello people   A year ago I was caught by police for buying weed(20 euros) in Berlin.I remember the police saying that I might have to come to court to testify against the person who sold me weed since he was caught as well. A month later I received a letter saying that the case against me is dropped. I had to get my criminal record for work purposes and it was clean and no mention of any case.    However now I received a letter asking me to appear in court as a witness. I'm kind of worried now and not sure what I am supposed to do.   Has anyone been in a similar situation? Will I need a lawyer?    Thank you.   
  3. Elterngeld Income Assessment

    Hi,   I am preparing Elterngeld applicaiton for my wife. She had shares in UK LTD and that company is also closed. I just want to know if income from company shares will be counted in the Elterngeld assessment? Although she did not get dividends.    Just checked on Elterngeld office website and came to know that Income from shares does not fall under self employment.   Do we need to declare that income in the Elterngeld application?   Regards, Warshad
  4. Hello,   I had been experiencing some problems with my upstairs' neighbor for the last 3 months. Things had escalated to a weird and dangerous territory, where I am afraid for my health and life.   We had a minor conflict back in October, because he was spraying a copious amounts of an insecticide spray daily without opening windows. I am asthmatic, and in this weather, once a chemical enters air circulation in the home, it stays there till the next morning at least. I tried talking to him but he kept avoiding me, I wrote a note on the house entrance (without naming anyone), he ripped it off. I wrote to landlord who wrote to him. That same day, he retributed by much more spraying, that he actually overloaded his smoke alarm, cutting down power of the whole block for 3 hours. and I had to visit ER at 2 am for sever asthma attack.   For the following months, he unleashed his revenge upon me: * Asthma inducing scents and stenches ( even Onions!) all around the clock * Noise ( bass- heavy music during the night, moving furniture and hammering after 22:00) * Throwing littering and garbage over my windows when open, and my door step. at one point, he was putting his mattress over his window (cleaning it) 3 or 4 days a week for maybe a month, when he sees my windows open to air the apartment. * I continued writing to the landlord, and the Ordnungsamt through this period * Just before Christmas, he actually used a driller to drill 3 holes through his floor into my roof. I heard the noise but I didn't pay much attention until I found the debris on the floor. Three holes one in each corner covering the whole living area. (I kid you not! I know it is hard to believe, but i have been keeping records for each insult and I have pictures)   * Throughout the holidays ( and still), he used the new access he drilled to inflict  a grave harm upon me with asthma inducing sprays putting me in a perpetual and constant danger with no more than 2 hours of sleep per night ( by then I had been smelling weed and cigarettes; that's when I understood he was covering the smell with that insecticide, and why things escalated quickly) * these drill holes ( and I suspect , his subsequent attempt to fix them during the holidays ) had led to appearance of signs of moisture on the walls, with mold starting to grow around the damages, and of course all kinds of bugs (silverfish, bedbugs) in the apartment. there are multiple small crackings in the paint spreading from the corners. * I had notified the landlord immediately by email. and as soon as the break ended, I sent a formal complaint letter to the company's address. House meister is supposed to visit this week to check the defects (exactly one month since the drilling) * for someone with asthma, and with that level of determination to harm me, the apartment had became inhabitable for me. I have been spending most of my nights at a friend's place.   I hope someone would help me with few questions: * What do you suggest I do next regarding the structural damage and mold ? mold is a pitfall that usually gets back to the tenant somehow, and if I manage to prove it was a direct result of his actions, the process would take quiet some time, meanwhile, my health is severly affected. * regarding the unsanitary living conditions: Do they constitute enough reason for extraordinary termination of the tenancy contract ? (I only moved in at the first of October) I hope you have peaceful nights, and please excuse the weirdness.  
  5.   Short story: told a bus driver (after i was already off the bus and the bus was not in service) to go f-himself after he claimed i could no longer take the bus because he didn't like the fact that my dog lost dog hair.    Longer story:  After exiting the bus on the last stop the bus driver bid me come back on the bus and showed me dog hair on the seat.  I told him this is unfortuante but my dog does shed - and there is no law against having a dog who sheds.  This is normal.  He said it is not OK to have on his bus.  I told him he is the bus driver only and does not make the rules of what is acceptable.  DB allows dogs - even those that shed.  What does he think he is - the king of bavaria - making his own rules?  Upon this he said he would call the police.  I was like - for what?? I'll call e police myself.  Then while walking away from the bus i exclaimed he's a f'a**_h___.    3 months later i get a letter from the police simply saying how i would liek to respond to a complaint of 'beleidigung 185'    ------   I can't even believe the police department bothers itself with this kind of stuff.  Surely they have better stuff to do?    Regardless, now i'm wondering how serious I should take this and whether i should get a lawyer or just see what happens.    For you that are going to flame me: keep in mind i have to take the bus to munich for work with my dog and it was totally NOT acceptable for him to think he can block my transit route because a few pieces of hair were too much for him.  I've taken buses for years with my dog here and never had issues.    Would mainly be interested in any legal opinions on this for those that have some experience in that area.    Merry Christmas!
  6. Hi there. - I was caught shoplifting a cheap bottle of alcohol (it was really stupid, and I didn’t need to), and I’m scared now of how this might affect my visa.  I’m currently in Germany on a Blue Card. Here are my questions.:   1) does shop lifting affect my ability to get a blue card renewed?   2) does shoplifting prevent me from getting residency (which I can do thru the blue card after a number of years? I’ve read that a serious crime could prevent one from getting residency, so does shop lifting count as serious?   3) I just received a letter from the police asking for more information / my statement (including economic conditions). What should i do?   At the time i was caught, I said it was a mistake and I just forgot about this one bottle. We paid for everything else. Should I just reiterate that it was a careless mistake on my part? Does saying I have a job make it harder to persecute my case?   4) if I do pay a fine for this, how long will it be in my criminal history?   thanks all.
  7. Feeling under threat at work

    At the end of last month I sent an email to my boss asking if our company had any plans to help out employees with the cost of living, fuel, energy and other price hikes that essentially devalue our wages.   After some back and forth the email was passed on to our HR who invited me for a meeting, saying they "would be happy to discuss my concerns in this personal meeting".   At this meeting  other than me was my boss and his boss, a member of HR and the head of HR.   after an initial explanation as to why the HR team were there (to mediate and take notes) they meeting began and I realised that this was not about my concerns, but instead they began to fire accusations at me that included absenteeism (the practice of taking time off work without good reason) and also synonymously used the phrase "your reliability issues". I was directly attacked by the head of HR who asked me how I could have the nerve to ask for more money when I had this record of absenteeism.    I'll briefly explain for context, I was off work for a long period of time due to mental health problems, bipolar, insomnia and acute anxiety. I am diagnosed now and on medication plus i have regular visits to a Psychiatrist and Neurologist and every two weeks with a therapist,  and I also did a stint at the local Psychosomatische Tagesklinik during my time off. I have had to take off more time than usual since returning to work in April 2021 as my kids were not allowed to go to kindergarten if they had so much as a sniffle, plus when they actually had covid, followed by a period where I had Covid too, the last years have been tough.  I was also signed off work three times over the last two years since my return for chronic bouts of insomnia. Every day off is accounted for with doctors notes for myself and my kids, I have no days of absence without holiday or a sicknote.   During the meeting I was pressured into giving specific details of my condition, and they also tried to make me commit to a "solution to my reliability problems".   I was also told that this "absenteeism could not be tolerated and that there can be consequences, though this was never elaborated on, and it was mentioned many times how terrible this was for the company and what hardship I was causing them.   I was also being goaded into making a statement that my problems were stopping me perform my duties, and that I didn't want to work there, though in both cases I refused to go along with it.   I felt very pressurized and very anxious the entire time this was happening and all I wanted was for it to be over.  I felt out manned and out gunned and unable to defend myself properly as I was so flustered. In hindsight I wish I had called a halt to the meeting and asked for it to be rescheduled, but I was frankly scared to as I felt intimidated by the HR manager and the fact that I was one against four.   I really feel that I was lured into a de-facto disciplinary hearing, the email I got inviting me mentioned nothing about any of this and only that we could discuss my concerns, which we actually didn't discuss because I was totally stonewalled on that front every time I attempted to bring it up.   I was offered no Protokoll for the meeting, there was not real conclusion to the meeting, I was left confused, angry, scared.   No one has ever taken this tone with me before, no one has ever mentioned anything about my "Absenteeism" before I sent this email, and certainly no one has ever made me feel threatened in such a way. I really feel that this is some sort of indiscrete warning, or their attempt to shut me down with regard to the questions I was asking.   I'm absolutely floored by this, for the last two days I have, ironically, suffered from not being able to sleep properly and being almost constantly anxious, I have butterflies and that stressed feeling of tightness across my chest, I'm finding it hard to concentrate - in short, I'm having a very bad reaction to this and worried about where this is going, but not only that, I cannot believe this happened.  I'm now scared to take the time off to see my doctor, which I normally would if I began to feel like this since it's incredibly bad for my health, and I'm even more worried that if I do his first action would be to sign me off.   There is no official Betriebsrat at my place of work, though it is big enough to have one.   Any advice or insight would be appreciated, I've never felt so powerless or violated in my life.   D