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  1. I'm a British citizen, who moved to Berlin in 2013. Due to various factors – mainly my own idiocy – I had not realised that with B2 German ability, 6 years residency would be enough for Einbürgerung. I'm now rushing like mad to send an application in before the end of the transition period on 31.12.20 to try and secure dual citizenship.   The main issue I'm facing is that it appears to be impossible to get a place for an Einbürgerungstest, or alternatively a Leben in Deutschland test, this year. None of the Volkshochschulen have spots, neither (it appears) do any private schools. As I understand it BAMF require the test centre to have registered participants four weeks in advance, so it's not a case of asking nicely/begging for an exception to get a spot. One school has told me they might have a spot on the 18.12, which I will certainly take them up on if it turns out to be real, but given the BAMF rules I don't see how I can count on it. So:   1. Does anyone know whether some alternative evidence can be given to the Einbürgerungsbehörde, to satisfy §10(7) of StAG – i.e.proving requisite knowledge about German legal, societal and living conditions? An Einbürgerungstest is, according to the legislation,"in der Regel" (which I interpret as "ordinarily") the way to prove it. But I wonder if there have been any divergent cases here.   2. The Brexit-Übergangsgesetz says at 3(1) that in order to qualify for dual citizenship, having submitted the application by 31.12.20 is sufficient provided that, as at that date, all the other conditions for naturalisation have been fulfilled. I interpret that as meaning, the test must have been passed by that date. Has anyone been told differently by an Einbürgerungsbehörde, for example that simply having registered for a test in the new year would be enough? I know that usually you just need to submit an Anmeldung for the test with the initial application.    I'd be grateful for any help here. I'm well aware that the main thought on this might be that I should've just dealt with this earlier.