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  1. Hi, I became unemployed 2-3 months ago, I got my unemployment benefits but now I decided that I wanna go back to my home country and leave Germany for good. It's an amazing country full of amazing people but my family is kinda old and I need to be there for them.   I was wondering what should I do and how. Basically I want to apply for U2 form to transfer my benefits to Romania my home country. I'm pretty sure I have the ALG I since I am eligible for unemployment benefits and money 12 months.    So my question is how should I proceed further, Where do I have to go and what paperwork is needed. Do I have to go to the "Bundes Agentur fur Arbeit" and talk personally with someone about this? And how much time will this procedure take since I wanna leave the country as soon as possible?      Abmeldung:   Where do I have to go, I am registered in Koln-Porz city hall, can I go to some other city hall or I have to go to that one in Koln-Porz I made the registration form? Do you have to make an appointment for that? And how much time will this procedure take?     It is there someone willing to help me out about translating since my german is not that good, we can agree on a sum of money, basically, I need someone who speaks german who wants to help me out.  Have a beautiful day everyone.
  2. Dear all,   I left Germany for good April 1. I got my Abmeldebestätigung from city hall and sent this to my Krankenkasse as they asked for this when I had duly informed them 2 months before that I would leave my job and the country and no longer needed their services.   In addition to the Abmeldebestätigung, I even sent them on my own free will copies of my one-way ticket, boarding passes and entry stamp on my passport. Btw, I moved back home to South East Asia.   The Krankenkasse subsequently just sent me a message on their online platform confirming the end of my "Mitgliedschaft" where they clearly indicate end of membership till 31 March 2020. All fine but the letter also indicated that it is not a "Kündigungsbestätigung" per se according to law 175 SGB V. Also there was a sentence saying "Die Mitlgliedschaft bei (Krankenkasse) bleibt weiterhin bestehen, falls die Kündigung nicht rechtswirksam zustande kommt."   So right now I am a bit stumped. How am I to interpret this letter? Am I basically good to go or will they come back to me after a few months with a hefty bill demanding payment?   Thanks a lot in advance Best regards
  3. After 3.5 amazing years in Berlin my husband and I had decided that we would like to move back to the UK for a multitude of reasons and I've been jobhunting for the last few months. I have a few interviews lined up (video, obviously) and am a bit confused about my options to physically move at the moment with the nightmare that is Coronavirus sweeping across the globe. My main issue is, if I'm offered a job and need to quit my job / hand in notice on my flat - 3 months standard - what happens if we then in three months can't actually physically move as borders are shut? Does anyone know the rights to return to your home country right now? I've heard of people being able to get planes, but we have a dog and the plan was to rent a car or take trains back to the UK. Flying is not an option. Am I wasting time with these applications? Do we just need to wait it out? I've been put on Kurzarbeit, which makes our finances super tight and staying here longer is really not ideal. Obviously it's a crisis though, so we've got to roll with the punches... Appreciate any insights or even just educated guesses!