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  1. Hi guys,    Currently my girlfriend lives in Hamburg, Germany. The situation is that she currently in the process of starting to look for a place with them. There are a few personal issues involved and she does try. However, any mention I say to her about leaving Germany and coming to the UK (with me), she says that the job center would just flat out say no. Is this true? Can she not get out from the job center to do such a thing? Are the rules that strict over there in Germany?   I'm just trying to get a better understanding (and a second opinion) on how things work and if the possibility for her to leave the country is an option.   Thanks
  2. Leaving Germany; 2 tax questions

    Hi,   So I will leave Germany in July to start a new job in Canada.   I am an Indian citizen on a temporary German residence permit, single, no kids (Tax class 1) and have had a salary since 2014: before that I was on a tax-free fellowship. I will get this salary  until April 2019, and then switch to a tax-free fellowship again from May to July 2019 before leaving. I never filed a return until now, and my understanding is that I could still claim tax refunds over the last four years (if there is any to be obtained): is that correct ?   1) Is there much to be gained for 2014-2018 ? I am single, no kids and don't have any proven business expenses (and only minor transportation expenses). So I guess there is just the standard deduction and the pension contribution and the private health insurance contribution. These do show up in my salary slip: so does this  mean that my automatic tax deduction (at source) likely already takes these into account ?    2)  I will move to Canada with a similar salary in July. Would I be likely to get much of a refund for the 4 months I will be paid a salary this year ? From May to July, I will go back into a guest fellowship, so I will only have taxable income for 4 months. Will battling with SteurGo or paying a tax advisor be worth it ? My brutto salary is around 70K.    Thanks a lot !!!