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  1. Dear TT,   I know there are various topics similar to this but from my digging around TT I cannot find an answer to this simple question.    I am leaving Germany to Portugal. I called the TK my health insurance provider to ask what they need from me. On the first phone call they said I either need give an Abmeldungsbescheid (deregistration from Germany) or Versicherungsnachweis aus Portugal (confirmation of health insurance in Portugal).   I called the TK to double check this information was correct and was told that no, it was not correct and I need to provide both documents. I asked to speak to someone else and they reconfirmed that this is the case. I have now received a follow up email stating that I must provide both documents for them to allow me to leave their system, even if I live in another country.   In Portugal it is not that easy to acquire substantial proof of healthcare because healthcare is available for all residents under the social security system which I am not yet enrolled in. I am registered at a Portuguese doctors surgery and have access to healthcare, however the TK said this document is probably not adequate proof. This all sounds like objective bullshit to me. If someone is leaving Germany, to another EU state. I understand that you should provide the Abmeldungsbeschied. But is it really the law/requirement to provide proof to your German health insurance company of health insurance in your next country before they let you 'leave'?   I am yet to send any documents to the TK as I have not yet deregistered (will do next week). However I am expecting to fight a losing battle and want to avoid this if possible.   This feels corrupt and unfair. If you leave, you deregister, you leave. Does anyone have any kind of solution to help?   Regards