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  1. A water pipe in my (self-owned) apartment developed a leak due to oxidation. The source of the leak is from a pipe in the wall and a few bathroom tiles needed to be remove to gain access to the leak source. The quote to repair the leak is around 600€. Damage caused by the leak will be covered by the Gebäudeversicherung.    The Hausverwaltung has informed me that I likely need to pay for the repair because the pipe is for water entering my apartment. I had the understanding that any repairs for parts of the building that are not directly accessible (e.g., don’t require removal of tiles etc.) would be paid by the community Rücklage.    It would be great if someone could provide some information about the determination of whether the owner pays for a repair or the community fund pays. References to any laws/regulation would be very helpful.    Thanks a lot!