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  1. Looking for legal advice about overseas estates and inheritance questions. There's no court case or anything, so I guess it would be an hourly rate just for advice.   I was quoted €297 (i.e. €250 + VAT) for an initial discussion of up to one hour (Erstberatung) by a Berlin lawyer, and €452 (€380 + VAT) per hour after that. Is that something like the going rate? From browsing some other threads like "How much do lawyers in Germany cost?" and from the regulations, I was expecting €190 + VAT for the Erstberatung, and somewhere around €200 or so for hourly rates, but maybe that's outdated. I'm probably already on the hook for the Erstberatung. Just wondering if it's reasonable or if I should try to keep shopping around after that, and if so, if anyone has a good recommendation. Thanks...