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  1. Are legal fees tax deductible?

    Hello,   I own my apartment and also have my home office there. I have been working with a lawyer for the past year suing the developers after it was discovered there was no sound insulation placed under my upstairs neighbor's floors, making it a very difficult living and working environment.    Since this is related to my workspace, can I deduct the lawyer and court fees, as well as the VAT in my Umsatzsteuer declaration?   thank you in advance for your advice! Christine
  2. How to file a complaint about a lawyer?

    I stopped at a red light and was hit from behind, hired a lawyer and lost the case because there was previous damage on the back bumper of my car.   Apparently this is standard procedure in Germany that the insurance companies and the legal system has set up and  don't understand why my lawyer didn't ask:   "was there any previous damage on the back of your car?"   It would have saved me the legal fees and all the stress.   Where can I file a complaint about my lawyer?   I don't want to go to court with him because that just means another stack of unknown legal fees.