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  1. Dear All,  I just need to consult a good and affordable English speaking lawyer to check the terms of my new (German) contract.    Any suggestion ?    Thanks,    Filippo 
  2. Hello,    I'm having a dispute w/ a big German company who is acting in bad faith regarding a contract, and I need some help. I'm looking for a lawyer that won't cost too much to write a letter, or the Verbraucherzentrale (but I feel my German is not good enough, and also not sure which option is better? What can they actually do?).   thanks.
  3. Hello,    Has anyone used the services of Littman, Eulenstein und Kollegen lawyers? Today I had a first meeting with Mr. Eulenstein and I feel a bit confused. He assured me that I have very good chances and on the other hand I am not quite sure he read the documents very carefully. Since I don't have an insurance this can cost me a fortune if he doesn't do his job well. Thanks!