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  1. Hi, I'm looking for a lawyer in Berlin that could help with a matter of money due to me from a company I bought property from. I've talked to 2 lawyers before but one was really expensive (250€ to write a letter) and the other one disappeared, which is definitely a good sign.   Anyone knows one that would feel like recommending? I get it that they are expensive but if it's 250 x hour I'm not sure it makes sense to chase the money, even though it should be a few thousand euros. I've luckily never needed a lawyer before so this is absolutely new to me. Thanks!
  2. Cost of Arbeitsrecht lawyer?

    Hi all,   Just wondering if anybody knows or has experience with Arbeitsrecht lawyers, and how much it costs for a rather "general" consultation. I would just like to send some questions their way regarding my employment status, rentenversicherung, and if my case is being handled fairly by my work (which I believe is not).   All in all, I would be more or less just asking them for a professional opinion, and not actually requiring them to do a mountain of work.   I have read online that this could be around 200€, is this trues, even if my questions could most likely be dealt with completely through a few emails?   Thanks!
  3. Real estate purchase

    I am in need of a lawyer with English (or Italian) in Berlin. I am purchasing an estate and I need some professional help to get some advice on this matter. Possibly someone that you directly know or had information on. Not just a name from a directory.   My apologies if this has been submitted for the thousandth time. Please merge this request to a thread if it needs be.   Thank you!