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  1. Streaming Laws in 2019

    Hi! I know this question has been asked a million times by millions of people who let me try to be as specific as I can as to why I decided to make a NEW post about the "same question".   Back in 2015, friends of mine told me that streaming is a "grey area" that is neither illegal or legal and it is also pretty safe to do without getting cought because the authories don't really pay much attention to it. Or something like that, don't quote me it was a while ago.   Back in 2018, I was told that the German goverment has tighten their streaming laws and you can now get very heavily fined for it as it is now consistered illegal. Again, please don't quote me.   So that comes to my question of what is true and what is not true in 2019? My friend in the UK streams all the time and tells me she doesn't know anybody who has ever been fined, neither do I really know of friends here, but a lot of people watch through Netflix and etc nowadays anyway. So, from all the information that I was told or heard along the way through the years, what is actually valid? Asking as somebody who desn't know much about the laws and etc.   Help? I hope this question was specific enough not to be yet enough duplicate. My apologise if it is.