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  1.   Short story: told a bus driver (after i was already off the bus and the bus was not in service) to go f-himself after he claimed i could no longer take the bus because he didn't like the fact that my dog lost dog hair.    Longer story:  After exiting the bus on the last stop the bus driver bid me come back on the bus and showed me dog hair on the seat.  I told him this is unfortuante but my dog does shed - and there is no law against having a dog who sheds.  This is normal.  He said it is not OK to have on his bus.  I told him he is the bus driver only and does not make the rules of what is acceptable.  DB allows dogs - even those that shed.  What does he think he is - the king of bavaria - making his own rules?  Upon this he said he would call the police.  I was like - for what?? I'll call e police myself.  Then while walking away from the bus i exclaimed he's a f'a**_h___.    3 months later i get a letter from the police simply saying how i would liek to respond to a complaint of 'beleidigung 185'    ------   I can't even believe the police department bothers itself with this kind of stuff.  Surely they have better stuff to do?    Regardless, now i'm wondering how serious I should take this and whether i should get a lawyer or just see what happens.    For you that are going to flame me: keep in mind i have to take the bus to munich for work with my dog and it was totally NOT acceptable for him to think he can block my transit route because a few pieces of hair were too much for him.  I've taken buses for years with my dog here and never had issues.    Would mainly be interested in any legal opinions on this for those that have some experience in that area.    Merry Christmas!
  2. I'm self-employed, and in April went to test a co-working space. I asked for the bill for the day's use, but they emailed and said it was a free day, because they wanted me to try the service. OK, so I did. I hated it. It was very corporate and very unfriendly, and not what I was looking for at all, and I walked away and never went back. There was no more correspondence or contact with the company.   Except that they kept spamming me, with no option to unsubscribe, so I listed them as spam.   Yesterday, finally, some emails got through. Scary emails - they have been invoicing me every month, from April onwards, for use of their office space. Now they're threatening to take me to a credit agency if I don't pay up. But I never signed a contract or agreement. I went in, had a day, asked for the bill, and the lady sent me a nice note saying it wouldn't cost anything, and I never replied. I am stumped why they think they can do this.   I rang and spoke to them this morning, but the woman in charge of accounts was very aggressive. She wouldn't slow down though I repeatedly asked her to, because she was speaking in very rapid, very complex German. She says she'll look into it and get back to me. I followed up by emailing her and thanking her for her time, and listing a summary of the points that came up in the conversation.   She's just written to me and said she'd get back in two weeks, and she's copied in a woman whose name I don't recognise. I looked up the new woman and discovered she's the principal of a corporate troubleshooting consultancy. This is the fastest escalation of a misunderstanding I've ever seen, and I think I need a lawyer. The amount they're attempting to bill me for is huge.   Can anybody suggest a reasonably priced lawyer who speaks English who might be able to handle something like this?