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  1. I can think of some well-worn lawyer jokes one might invoke. In any case, this is about a problem I've just run into.   I just started looking for a patent attorney this week, and in a few of the responses to my online form/email inquiries, I was told that the firm could not take on my case because of a real or potential conflict with other cases that the company is handling. Fine. For those companies that I actually forwarded a description of my invention to, I'll just have to take their word for it. But a couple of firms sent me that kind of reply without me having yet sent them a description, and them knowing from me only about the area of patent law that should be relevant.   Is it illegal or a violation of some ethics code for the company to do that? If so, who could I report them to?
  2. Hi guys,    I am looking for inexpensive or cost-free legal advice Since I am not German and can not speak and German, I feel really handicap in Germany with all the different of german law,    Short story, I asked a German company which the person originally from my country to renovate my house, after a few times checking my house and price proposal and come changes on price, He start working 27 JAN 2020, but things did not go well and he did a very bad job in house and took a very long time, he damage any part of my house, and finally he reached to 90% of progress and left my house without complete the job, and close all the communication channel with me and only his lawyer contacting me since 27 APR 2020,  first his lawyer tried me to accept the job done which I refuse and I gave him time to fix the issue and damages but he refused to do it on the timeline and after the timeline asking for visit my house with the expertise to check the house and I told his lawyer he and his lawyer can visit my house but without anyone else. again no news from them and this week I receive the invoice from him for 90K Euro with a full list of nonsense and some material invoices and asking me to pay full amount till 7 AUG 2020. where the original agreement verbally was 25 K Euro and with payment condition of 15 K after finishing the job and 10 K base on installment for 0% interest can be pay by him.    I am shocked and don't know how I should react to this stupid demand and how he could ask for this much extra amount, and since he has a lawyer and I do not have and can not effort it. and the letter and invoice sent from his lawyer which means the lawyer he is sure he can bit me with the law and misuse his power agent me and cheat me to pay him almost 4 times from the price which we agreed. He claims I asked him for extra changes which I did not.    Can somebody be kind and guide me or if somebody had the same experience as me share his experience with me?
  3. I have been living in Germany for almost seven years. I have a permanent residence permit and unlimited working contract. if my child will be born in Germany, is he eligible to get German Citizenship?   I know about that, according to law, "A child born in Germany (on or after 1 January 2000) can acquire German nationality, even if neither of the parents is German. The only precondition is that one of the parents has been legally and habitually resident in Germany for eight years and has a permanent right of residence"   Can anyone have any situation like me?
  4. Hey folks. Some US-based partners and I recently started a marketing company here in the US.  We have a colleague who has, in the past, been an incredible sales asset for us in Europe. He lives in Germany, and has just been let go by his previous company and is collecting the arbeitslossgeld (sp?) We would love to bring him into our company in a way that allows his to work with us. So far, we've come up with a few potential ways: 1) As a freelancer, sourcing clients to us, for which we will pay him a commission based on each campaign those clients run with us. 2) He could start a mini-gmbh (UG?) of the same name as our company, but with the German branding / trademark area. We would set up a partnership agreement between our two companies, and clients would engage with our US-based bank account, and we would transfer money to this partner entity as appropriate. Can either of these solutions work, legally? How would they impact his arbeistlossgeld (because it takes months for the actual campaigns to conclude and payment to be received)? If the above methods are not viable, are there alternatives short of hiring him as an official employee of our US company? [We simply don't have the liquid funds on hand to comply with German law for things like health insurance / pension if we tried that route] Thanks!  
  5. Hello everyone   I am trying to find a lawyer to help me deal with a negative schufa entry that resulted from an alleged debt I did not know I had. (cancelled Telefonica contract, O2 did not notify the collections agency that I paid them in full and thus the latter seems to still want money, even though they have not sent me any letters in over 2 years)   What would the relevant field of law be called in german? And of course, I would welcome any specific recommendations of lawyers (around Berlin) or further actions I could take in this case.   Thank you for your time!
  6. Health insurance help!

    Hello  This is my situation (sorry for length!):   I came to Germany as a PhD student. Initially, I had a work contract and was compulsory insured with TK for my health insurance. However, my work contract ended and I got put on a student fellowship. My colleagues suggested I switch insurance to Mawista, which I did, since it was cheaper. However, I realize now that Mawista is not a "real" health insurance, and they are not willing to further extend my insurance contract after July, probably because I went to the hospital and got admitted (in the end, nothing special was found, but I got told to follow-up with my hausartz, which I am). I now am in a situation that I cannot go back to public health insurance, and private health insurance seems not to willing accept me, because there's an "open diagnosis", which likely won't be fully concluded before July. This means that, unless I fix this, I will be insurance-less by the end of July. I have two questions, essentially:  1 - Was TK allowed to release me from health insurance, since in theory, I never provided them with proof that I was insured with a valid insurance company in Germany (in theory, Mawista does not fulfill the criteria for health insurance for residents, as I now understand).  2 - What would be the best course of action, to make sure that I am not illegally without insurance by the end of July? I was told that I could perhaps argue with TK that they did not have grounds to release me from compulsory insurance and should be forced to take me back, but I am not sure where to start nor if this would be quick to do (i.e before July).  3 - Does anyone know of a lawyer that could help with this situation, it appears most are too busy or find it 'too complex'. I appreciate any and all suggestions Thank you for reading and keep well!