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  1. We are planning to move away from Germany this coming winter, so I wanted to make sure I sent my cancellation letter in plenty of time. This is the reply I received. Does anyone know anything about this case? Is this going to be a nasty surprise before we leave? Since gyms closed again, the direct debit from my gym has stopped (although during the first lockdown payments continued).    Ihr Schreiben vom 26.03.2021 mit dem Ausspruch der ordentlichen Kündigung haben wir am 01.04.2021 erhalten. Durch die pandemiebedingte und behördlich angeordnete Schließung, die derzeit leider noch andauert, ist es zurzeit nicht möglich, die vertraglich vereinbarten Leistungen zu erbringen, demzufolge werden natürlich von uns keine Beiträge abgebucht. Die Unterbrechung stellt allerdings laut einschlägiger Rechtsprechung eine Störung der Geschäftsgrundlage mit Auswirkungen auf das Vertragsverhältnis dar. Wir machen daher den uns zustehenden Anpassungsanspruch (siehe Urteil AG Ibbenbüren vom 27.11.2020, Az. 3 C 300/20) geltend, wonach sich das Ende der Laufzeit um die Schließungszeit nach hinten verschiebt.   Das vorläufige Vertragsende wäre nach derzeitigem Stand der 31.10.2021. Sobald die Wiedereröffnung möglich ist und das verbindliche Enddatum feststeht, kommen wir unaufgefordert auf Sie zu.   I cannot find much information about this judgment and what I have found is vague and/or confusing. Any help understanding what this means would be appreciated.   Thank you  
  2. Divorce proceeding in Germany

    Hello,    I have finally received a scheduled date for the meeting before the judge to grant the divorce. My STBX and I are going with just one lawyer, which he is paying - let's just say he did some bad stuff and he is the one who caused the divorce, so he agreed to pay for the costs. I am still hurt and dreading seeing him, that's already enough, but because of COVID I'm not even sure I'll be able to take some support with me, and I'm pretty terrified by the whole thing.   Could someone who's been through this maybe describe exactly how it goes? I'd feel a bit better prepared.   Thank you in advance for your time.   In case it matters - we have no assets to split and are not bringing any child issues before the judge, as we have it already figured out. The only thing not clarified yet is the  Versorgungsausgleich - I just got the numbers and my points are slightly higher than his, but I'm hoping he will not have the courage to ask for anything after all he's done. We've had a very amiable relationship so far, it's been 2 years and a half since separation and no issues.