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  1. Hi. I bought a second hand macbook in a online shop called AS GOOD AS NEW.DE in 2018. It is warrantied 30 months. And it had problems and I asked them to repair in October 2019 and it is still under warranty. FInally they didn't repair and they sent it back to me insisting that it was repaired. And I want to know how I should do in this kind of situation in Germany. I don't want to use so much money for lawyer or court.   Here are the details what happened.   First they said that I was using the macbook not properly like I was using wrong electricity cable etc and it is outside of warranty condition. But they were not true. I asked them to show me the evidences that I was using it improperly and then they stopped saying so.   Then they started saying that they are missing some parts and please wait. They continue to say so for a couple of weeks. I asked them to tell me the parts that they are missing and the name of the supplyer. But they never answered.   And finally almost 8 weeks passed after they received my macbook and they sent it back to me saying that it was repaired.   I think they are violating the contract of 30 months warranty.   Please let me know any advise for this kind of case. Any adivice is very very appreciated.   Best regards Coe