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  1. Hi. I'm thinking about buying a new laptop for work. I've been reading around here and elsewhere about claiming a tax deduction from that. From what I gather, there are three important points: 1. It is for work. 2. Require for the job. 3. Employer doesn't provide it   So here is my situation/question for each point 1. This laptop will be almost always for work. I have a desktop for private use at home and the laptop will be used at my office most of the time. The biggest exception is when I travel, where I'll also use it in my private time. Is this still qualify as "for work"? 2. This is pretty easy I think. My job certainly needs it. 3. This one is tricky. The thing is my department actually give me three options: a desktop, a standard Dell laptop, or a MacBook Air. However, none of those really satisfy my need. And since I will be using this for most of my working time, I'd like to have something I'm happy with. The question is, does this fact disqualify me from claiming the tax deduction from buying my own laptop?   Thank you in advance.
  2. My laptop is stuck in Zoll

    I'm gettin ready to deal with Zoll for the 2nd time.  My first experience was good.  I'm hoping #2 is the same. I moved to Munich 3 months ago.  There's a few things my wife and I had left behind that her parents have been slowly shipping to us.  There's been no problems with them being delivered so far, until now.  My inlaws mailed me an old laptop of mine, and it's now stuck at Zoll.  I purchased it new in the US 5 years ago, and I have the receipt from Apple.  Other than bringing the receipt, am I going to need to do anything else to prove that this is my personal belonging?  My understanding is that I can still have personal items shipped to me for 6 months after arriving.  Is there anything else I should make sure to bring with me?   If they DO give me a hard time, and force me to pay fees, what value would they try to make me pay on?  I paid $2200 5 years ago.  My inlaws declared the package value at $600.  A used laptop of similar cost is about $600.  I just want to go there fully prepared for any situation.     Thanks.