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  1. As many of you will know, application for German citizenship requires you to have at least a B1 or equivalent proficiency in German.   Before moving to Germany in 2008 I studied with the Open University and passed the  L130 (Auftakt: intermediate German) module and obtained a Certificate in German.   I contacted the OU to check if the level obtained was equivalent to B1, and they said it is and pointed me to the webpage for the course   The question is, will that be acceptable to a Beamtin at a provincial (Eberswalde, Brandenburg) citizenship bureau who doesn't speak English? I am thinking not, so how do I convince her that I have the required level of german proficiency already with the OU without having to sit the B1 test locally ( next available date June cost 120€ ) ? Any ideas folks?  
  2. Telc B1 Written / Letter Test

    Hi I am taking the B1 test next Friday. I have just booked the test and not taken any lessons as my German is (I hope) quite good.  What I am unsure about is the written part of the test. I know it could be a formal or informal letter. Is this correct or is informal more common ? I know the formal letter should include my address, senders address, place, date etc. but am not sure what is TELC expect for an informal letter. I mean I know how I write an informal letter I usually include my address only, place and date.  Thing is I don't want to lose points by forgetting something. Any tips welcome.  Also any other tips that are taught in lessons and might not otherwise be obvious.  Thanks